ds Citrin
ds Citrin
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Radiative lifetimes of excitons in quantum wells: Localization and phase-coherence effects
DS Citrin
Physical Review B 47 (7), 3832, 1993
Long intrinsic radiative lifetimes of excitons in quantum wires
DS Citrin
Physical review letters 69 (23), 3393, 1992
Loss of time-delay signature in the chaotic output of a semiconductor laser with optical feedback
D Rontani, A Locquet, M Sciamanna, DS Citrin
Optics letters 32 (20), 2960-2962, 2007
Time-delay identification in a chaotic semiconductor laser with optical feedback: a dynamical point of view
D Rontani, A Locquet, M Sciamanna, DS Citrin, S Ortin
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 45 (7), 879-1891, 2009
Graded index photonic crystals
H Kurt, DS Citrin
Optics express 15 (3), 1240-1253, 2007
Quantum coherence in an optical modulator
SG Carter, V Birkedal, CS Wang, LA Coldren, AV Maslov, DS Citrin, ...
Science 310 (5748), 651-653, 2005
Coherent Excitation Transport in Metal− Nanoparticle Chains
DS Citrin
Nano Letters 4 (9), 1561-1565, 2004
Plasmon-polariton transport in metal-nanoparticle chains embedded in a gain medium
DS Citrin
Optics letters 31 (1), 98-100, 2006
Annular photonic crystals
H Kurt, DS Citrin
Optics express 13 (25), 10316-10326, 2005
Photonic crystals for biochemical sensing in the terahertz region
H Kurt, DS Citrin
Applied Physics Letters 87 (4), 041108, 2005
Plasmon polaritons in finite-length metal− nanoparticle chains: the role of chain length unravelled
DS Citrin
Nano letters 5 (5), 985-989, 2005
Optical properties of the Pb 2+-based aggregated phase in a CsCl host crystal: Quantum-confinement effects
M Nikl, K Nitsch, K Polak, GP Pazzi, P Fabeni, DS Citrin, M Gurioli
Physical Review B 51 (8), 5192, 1995
Two approaches for ultrafast random bit generation based on the chaotic dynamics of a semiconductor laser
N Li, B Kim, VN Chizhevsky, A Locquet, M Bloch, DS Citrin, W Pan
Optics express 22 (6), 6634-6646, 2014
Nondestructive evaluation of forced delamination in glass fiber-reinforced composites by terahertz and ultrasonic waves
J Dong, B Kim, A Locquet, P McKeon, N Declercq, DS Citrin
Composites Part B: Engineering 79, 667-675, 2015
Coulomb and radiation screening in photoconductive terahertz sources
DS Kim, DS Citrin
Applied Physics Letters 88 (16), 161117, 2006
Time delay identification in chaotic cryptosystems ruled by delay-differential equations
VS Udaltsov, L Larger, JP Goedgebuer, A Locquet, DS Citrin
Journal of optical technology 72 (5), 373-377, 2005
Radiative lifetimes of excitons in semiconductor quantum dots
DS Citrin
Superlattices and microstructures 13 (3), 303, 1993
Coupled-resonator optical waveguides for biochemical sensing of nanoliter volumes of analyte in the terahertz region
H Kurt, DS Citrin
Applied physics letters 87 (24), 241119, 2005
Controlled exciton spontaneous emission in optical-microcavity-embedded quantum wells
DS Citrin
IEEE journal of quantum electronics 30 (4), 997-1014, 1994
Rabi flopping in a two-level system with a time-dependent energy renormalization: intersubband transitions in quantum wells
AA Batista, DS Citrin
Physical review letters 92 (12), 127404, 2004
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