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Giuseppe Lacidogna
Giuseppe Lacidogna
Professore Associato di Scienza delle Costruzioni, Politecnico di Torino
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Structural damage diagnosis and life-time assessment by acoustic emission monitoring
A Carpinteri, G Lacidogna, N Pugno
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 74 (1-2), 273-289, 2007
Recommendation of RILEM TC 212-ACD: acoustic emission and related NDE techniques for crack detection and damage evaluation in concrete* Test method for damage qualification of …
RILEM Technical Committee (Masayasu Ohtsu)** Ohtsu@ gpo. kumamoto-u. ac. jp
Materials and structures 43 (9), 1183-1186, 2010
A generalized method to predict the compressive strength of high-performance concrete by improved random forest algorithm
Q Han, C Gui, J Xu, G Lacidogna
Construction and Building Materials 226, 734-742, 2019
From criticality to final collapse: Evolution of the “b-value” from 1.5 to 1.0
A Carpinteri, G Lacidogna, S Puzzi
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 41 (2), 843-853, 2009
Reliable onset time determination and source location of acoustic emissions in concrete structures
A Carpinteri, J Xu, G Lacidogna, A Manuello
Cement and concrete composites 34 (4), 529-537, 2012
In situ damage assessment and nonlinear modelling of a historical masonry tower
A Carpinteri, S Invernizzi, G Lacidogna
Engineering Structures 27 (3), 387-395, 2005
Influence of damage in the acoustic emission parameters
A Carpinteri, G Lacidogna, F Accornero, AC Mpalaskas, TE Matikas, ...
Cement and Concrete composites 44, 9-16, 2013
Critical defect size distributions in concrete structures detected by the acoustic emission technique
A Carpinteri, G Lacidogna, G Niccolini, S Puzzi
Meccanica 43, 349-363, 2008
Acoustic and electromagnetic emissions as precursor phenomena in failure processes
G Lacidogna, A Carpinteri, A Manuello, G Durin, A Schiavi, G Niccolini, ...
Strain 47, 144-152, 2011
Damage monitoring of an historical masonry building by the acoustic emission technique
A Carpinteri, G Lacidogna
Materials and Structures 39, 161-167, 2006
Critical behaviour in concrete structures and damage localization by acoustic emission
A Carpinteri, G Lacidogna, G Niccolini
Key Engineering Materials 312, 305-310, 2006
Cracking and crackling in concrete-like materials: A dynamic energy balance
A Carpinteri, G Lacidogna, M Corrado, E Di Battista
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 155, 130-144, 2016
Damage evaluation of three masonry towers by acoustic emission
A Carpinteri, G Lacidogna
Engineering structures 29 (7), 1569-1579, 2007
Piezonuclear neutrons from fracturing of inert solids
F Cardone, A Carpinteri, G Lacidogna
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Q Han, J Xu, A Carpinteri, G Lacidogna
Structural Control and Health Monitoring 22 (2), 314-329, 2015
A multilevel approach for the damage assessment of historic masonry towers
A Anzani, L Binda, A Carpinteri, S Invernizzi, G Lacidogna
Journal of Cultural Heritage 11 (4), 459-470, 2010
Fractal analysis of damage detected in concrete structural elements under loading
A Carpinteri, G Lacidogna, G Niccolini
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 42 (4), 2047-2056, 2009
Acoustic emission data analyses based on crumb rubber concrete beam bending tests
Q Han, G Yang, J Xu, Z Fu, G Lacidogna, A Carpinteri
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 210, 189-202, 2019
Micro-cracking monitoring and fracture evaluation for crumb rubber concrete based on acoustic emission techniques
J Xu, Z Fu, Q Han, G Lacidogna, A Carpinteri
Structural Health Monitoring 17 (4), 946-958, 2018
Energy emissions from failure phenomena: mechanical, electromagnetic, nuclear
A Carpinteri, F Cardone, G Lacidogna
Experimental Mechanics 50, 1235-1243, 2010
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