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Athyros V
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Treatment with atorvastatin to the National Cholesterol Educational Program goal versus' usual'care in secondary coronary heart disease prevention
VG Athyros, AA Papageorgiou, BR Mercouris, VV Athyrou, ...
Current medical research and opinion 18 (4), 220-228, 2002
Safety and efficacy of long-term statin treatment for cardiovascular events in patients with coronary heart disease and abnormal liver tests in the Greek Atorvastatin and …
VG Athyros, K Tziomalos, TD Gossios, T Griva, P Anagnostis, K Kargiotis, ...
The Lancet 376 (9756), 1916-1922, 2010
The pathogenetic role of cortisol in the metabolic syndrome: a hypothesis
P Anagnostis, VG Athyros, K Tziomalos, A Karagiannis, DP Mikhailidis
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 94 (8), 2692-2701, 2009
The effect of statins versus untreated dyslipidaemia on renal function in patients with coronary heart disease. A subgroup analysis of the Greek atorvastatin and coronary heart …
VG Athyros, DP Mikhailidis, AA Papageorgiou, AN Symeonidis, ...
Journal of clinical pathology 57 (7), 728-734, 2004
Statin intolerance–an attempt at a unified definition. Position paper from an International Lipid Expert Panel: This paper is also published in parallel in Archives of Medical …
M Banach, M Rizzo, PP Toth, M Farnier, MH Davidson, K Al-Rasadi, ...
Expert opinion on drug safety 14 (6), 935-955, 2015
Effect of statins versus untreated dyslipidemia on serum uric acid levels in patients with coronary heart disease: a subgroup analysis of the GREek Atorvastatin and Coronary …
VG Athyros, M Elisaf, AA Papageorgiou, AN Symeonidis, AN Pehlivanidis, ...
American journal of kidney diseases 43 (4), 589-599, 2004
Elevated serum uric acid levels in metabolic syndrome: an active component or an innocent bystander?
SG Tsouli, EN Liberopoulos, DP Mikhailidis, VG Athyros, MS Elisaf
Metabolism 55 (10), 1293-1301, 2006
Atorvastatin and micronized fenofibrate alone and in combination in type 2 diabetes with combined hyperlipidemia
VG Athyros, AA Papageorgiou, VV Athyrou, DS Demitriadis, ...
Diabetes care 25 (7), 1198-1202, 2002
Effect of multifactorial treatment on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in metabolic syndrome: a randomised study
VG Athyros, DP Mikhailidis, TP Didangelos, OI Giouleme, ...
Current medical research and opinion 22 (5), 873-883, 2006
“European panel on low density lipoprotein (LDL) subclasses”: a statement on the pathophysiology, atherogenicity and clinical significance of LDL subclasses
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Long-term follow-up of patients with acute hypertriglyceridemia-induced pancreatitis
VG Athyros, OI Giouleme, NL Nikolaidis, TV Vasiliadis, VI Bouloukos, ...
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Effect of statin treatment on renal function and serum uric acid levels and their relation to vascular events in patients with coronary heart disease and metabolic syndrome: a …
VG Athyros, DP Mikhailidis, EN Liberopoulos, AI Kakafika, A Karagiannis, ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 22 (1), 118-127, 2007
The prevalence of the metabolic syndrome using the National Cholesterol Educational Program and International Diabetes Federation definitions
VG Athyros, ES Ganotakis, M Elisaf, DP Mikhailidis
Current medical research and opinion 21 (8), 1157-1159, 2005
The prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in Greece: the MetS‐Greece Multicentre Study
VG Athyros, VI Bouloukos, AN Pehlivanidis, AA Papageorgiou, ...
Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 7 (4), 397-405, 2005
Lifestyle recommendations for the prevention and management of metabolic syndrome: an international panel recommendation
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Serum uric acid as an independent predictor of early death after acute stroke
A Karagiannis, DP Mikhailidis, K Tziomalos, M Sileli, S Savvatianos, ...
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HJ Milionis, AI Kakafika, SG Tsouli, VG Athyros, ET Bairaktari, ...
American heart journal 148 (4), 635-640, 2004
The use of statins alone, or in combination with pioglitazone and other drugs, for the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease/non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and related …
VG Athyros, TK Alexandrides, H Bilianou, E Cholongitas, M Doumas, ...
Metabolism 71, 17-32, 2017
Safety and efficacy of long-term statin-fibrate combinations in patients with refractory familial combined hyperlipidemia
VG Athyros, AA Papageorgiou, HA Hatzikonstandinou, TP Didangelos, ...
The American journal of cardiology 80 (5), 608-613, 1997
Pleiotropic effects of statins-clinical evidence
VG Athyros, AI Kakafika, K Tziomalos, A Karagiannis, DP Mikhailidis
Current pharmaceutical design 15 (5), 479-489, 2009
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