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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Interleukin-23 promotes a distinct CD4 T cell activation state characterized by the production of interleukin-17
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Interleukin-22 mediates early host defense against attaching and effacing bacterial pathogens
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Influence of tumour micro-environment heterogeneity on therapeutic response
MR Junttila, FJ De Sauvage
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Stimulation of megakaryocytopoiesis and thrombopoiesis by the c-Mpl ligand
FJ De Sauvage, PE Hass, SD Spencer, BE Malloy, AL Gurney, ...
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Activating Smoothened mutations in sporadic basal-cell carcinoma
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The tumour-suppressor gene patched encodes a candidate receptor for Sonic hedgehog
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Characterization of a multicomponent receptor for GDNF
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Inhibition of Dll4 signalling inhibits tumour growth by deregulating angiogenesis
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Treatment of medulloblastoma with hedgehog pathway inhibitor GDC-0449
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A paracrine requirement for hedgehog signalling in cancer
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Diverse somatic mutation patterns and pathway alterations in human cancers
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A reserve stem cell population in small intestine renders Lgr5-positive cells dispensable
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Interleukin 27 limits autoimmune encephalomyelitis by suppressing the development of interleukin 17–producing T cells
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Targeting the Hedgehog pathway in cancer
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Smoothened mutation confers resistance to a Hedgehog pathway inhibitor in medulloblastoma
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Recurrent R-spondin fusions in colon cancer
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Nature 488 (7413), 660-664, 2012
Chemokine-mediated interaction of hematopoietic progenitors with the bone marrow vascular niche is required for thrombopoiesis
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Thrombocytopenia in c-mpl-deficient mice
AL Gurney, K Carver-Moore, FJ de Sauvage, MW Moore
Science 265 (5177), 1445-1447, 1994
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