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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Goals and perceived ability: Impact on student valuing, self-regulation, and persistence
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Principles and procedures of exploratory data analysis.
JT Behrens
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Does the white racial identity attitude scale measure racial identity?
JT Behrens
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Exploratory data analysis
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Racial/ethnic identity and racial consciousness: Looking back and looking forward.
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Depression and cognitive self-statements of learning disabled and seriously emotionally disturbed adolescents
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6. Development Of The Oklahoma Racial Attitudes Scale Preliminary Form (ORAS-P)
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White racial identity and white racial consciousness: Similarities, differences, and recommendations
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Impacts of the digital ocean on education
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Design rationale for a complex performance assessment
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Putting ECD into practice: The interplay of theory and data in evidence models within a digital learning environment
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Technology and Assessment Study Collaborative, Caroline A. & Peter S. Lynch …, 2010
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