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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Firm age and innovation
N Balasubramanian, J Lee
Industrial and Corporate Change 17 (5), 1019-1047, 2008
Heterogeneity, brokerage, and innovative performance: Endogenous formation of collaborative inventor networks
JJ Lee
Organization Science 21 (4), 804-822, 2010
Productivity and the role of complementary assets in firms’ demand for technology innovations
M Ceccagnoli, SJH Graham, MJ Higgins, J Lee
Industrial and corporate change 19 (3), 839-869, 2010
The quest for originality: A new typology of knowledge search and breakthrough inventions
HJ Jung, JJ Lee
Academy of Management Journal 59 (5), 1725-1753, 2016
Dancing with the enemy? Relational hazards and the contingent value of repeat exchanges in M&A markets
JJ Lee
Organization Science 24 (4), 1237-1256, 2013
Dynamic competition in technological investments: An empirical examination of the LCD panel industry
J Lee, BC Kim, YM Lim
International Journal of Industrial Organization 29 (6), 718-728, 2011
Project selection in NIH: A natural experiment from ARRA
H Park, JJ Lee, BC Kim
Research Policy 44 (6), 1145-1159, 2015
University reputation and technology commercialization: evidence from nanoscale science
J Lee, E Stuen
The Journal of Technology Transfer 41 (3), 586-609, 2016
The relationship between innovation and market share: Evidence from the global LCD industry
J Lee, BC Kim
Industry and Innovation 20 (1), 1-21, 2013
Two-sided platform competition with multihoming agents: An empirical study on the daily deals market
BC Kim, H Park
Information Economics and Policy 41, 36-53, 2017
Financial capital and startup survival
JJ Lee, W Zhang
Academy of Management Proceedings 2011 (1), 1-6, 2011
Platform entry strategy in two-sided markets: Evidence from the online daily deals industry
BC Kim, J Lee, H Park
Can be retrieved at: http://www. econ. gatech. edu/files/seminars …, 2013
Deadlines, workflows, task sorting, and work quality
N Balasubramanian, J Lee, J Sivadasan
Management Science 64 (4), 1804-1824, 2018
Two-sided platform competition in the online daily deals promotion market
BC Kim, J Lee, H Park
Available at SSRN 2117790, 2012
Soft but strong: Software-based innovation, product market competition, and value creation in the IT hardware industry
K Kim, J Lee, A Gopal
Product Market Competition, and Value Creation in the IT Hardware Industry …, 2019
Dynamic platform competition in a two-sided market: evidence from the online daily deals promotion industry
BC Kim, J Lee, H Park
Available at SSRN 2164341, 2013
Scientific celebrity, competition, and knowledge creation: The case of stem cell research in South Korea
HD Kang, JJ Lee
Journal of Engineering and Technology Management 39, 26-44, 2016
I'm Doing This For You (And Me!): Career Concern as Motivation in Online Collaboration Communities
J Lee, H Park, M Zaggl
Academy of Management Proceedings 2017 (1), 11200, 2017
Who leads whom? Technological leadership in nanotechnology: evidence from patent data
J Lee, N Balasubramanian
Restoring America’s Global Competitiveness through Innovation, 2013
Returns to Innovation: Evidence from LCD Panel Industry
J Lee, B Kim
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