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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Oral druggable space beyond the rule of 5: insights from drugs and clinical candidates
BC Doak, B Over, F Giordanetto, J Kihlberg
Chemistry & biology 21 (9), 1115-1142, 2014
How beyond rule of 5 drugs and clinical candidates bind to their targets
BC Doak, J Zheng, D Dobritzsch, J Kihlberg
Journal of medicinal chemistry 59 (6), 2312-2327, 2016
Cell permeability beyond the rule of 5
P Matsson, BC Doak, B Over, J Kihlberg
Advanced drug delivery reviews 101, 42-61, 2016
Structural and conformational determinants of macrocycle cell permeability
B Over, P Matsson, C Tyrchan, P Artursson, BC Doak, MA Foley, ...
Nature chemical biology 12 (12), 1065-1074, 2016
Impact of dynamically exposed polarity on permeability and solubility of chameleonic drugs beyond the rule of 5
M Rossi Sebastiano, BC Doak, M Backlund, V Poongavanam, B Over, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 61 (9), 4189-4202, 2018
The ways and means of fragment-based drug design
BC Doak, RS Norton, MJ Scanlon
Pharmacology & therapeutics 167, 28-37, 2016
Synthesis of unsymmetrical 1, 1′-disubstituted bis (1, 2, 3-triazole) s using monosilylbutadiynes
BC Doak, MJ Scanlon, JS Simpson
Organic letters 13 (3), 537-539, 2011
Application of Fragment‐Based Screening to the Design of Inhibitors of Escherichia coli DsbA
LA Adams, P Sharma, B Mohanty, OV Ilyichova, MD Mulcair, ML Williams, ...
Angewandte Chemie 127 (7), 2207-2212, 2015
Structure and function of the oxidoreductase DsbA1 from Neisseria meningitidis
JP Vivian, J Scoullar, K Rimmer, SR Bushell, T Beddoe, MCJ Wilce, ...
Journal of molecular biology 394 (5), 931-943, 2009
Drug discovery beyond the rule of 5-Opportunities and challenges
BC Doak, J Kihlberg
Expert opinion on drug discovery 12 (2), 115-119, 2017
Design and evaluation of the performance of an NMR screening fragment library
BC Doak, CJ Morton, JS Simpson, MJ Scanlon
Australian Journal of Chemistry 66 (12), 1465-1472, 2013
Opportunities and guidelines for discovery of orally absorbed drugs in beyond rule of 5 space
V Poongavanam, BC Doak, J Kihlberg
Current opinion in chemical biology 44, 23-29, 2018
Frontispiece: Drug Syntheses Beyond the Rule of 5
M Tyagi, F Begnini, V Poongavanam, BC Doak, J Kihlberg
Chemistry–A European Journal 26 (1), 2020
Determination of ligand binding modes in weak protein–ligand complexes using sparse NMR data
B Mohanty, ML Williams, BC Doak, M Vazirani, O Ilyichova, G Wang, ...
Journal of biomolecular NMR 66 (3), 195-208, 2016
A ligand-induced structural change in fatty acid–binding protein 1 is associated with potentiation of peroxisome proliferator–activated receptor α agonists
R Patil, B Mohanty, B Liu, IR Chandrashekaran, SJ Headey, ML Williams, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 294 (10), 3720-3734, 2019
Rapid Elaboration of Fragments into Leads by X-ray Crystallographic Screening of Parallel Chemical Libraries (REFiLX)
MR Bentley, OV Ilyichova, G Wang, ML Williams, G Sharma, WS Alwan, ...
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 63 (13), 6863-6875, 2020
Structural and biochemical insights into the disulfide reductase mechanism of DsbD, an essential enzyme for neisserial pathogens
RP Smith, B Mohanty, S Mowlaboccus, JJ Paxman, ML Williams, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 293 (43), 16559-16571, 2018
Design of a fragment-screening library
A Taylor, BC Doak, MJ Scanlon
Methods in enzymology 610, 97-115, 2018
NMR fragment screening reveals a novel small molecule binding site near the catalytic surface of the disulfide–dithiol oxidoreductase enzyme DsbA from Burkholderia pseudomallei
S Nebl, WS Alwan, ML Williams, G Sharma, A Taylor, BC Doak, KL Wilde, ...
Journal of Biomolecular NMR 74 (10), 595-611, 2020
Cyclophilin Succumbs to a Macrocyclic Chameleon
BC Doak, J Kihlberg
Journal of medicinal chemistry 61 (21), 9469-9472, 2018
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