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Farhaan Mirza
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A systematic review of wearable patient monitoring systems–current challenges and opportunities for clinical adoption
MM Baig, H GholamHosseini, AA Moqeem, F Mirza, M Lindén
Journal of medical systems 41 (7), 1-9, 2017
Mobile technologies and the holistic management of chronic diseases
F Mirza, T Norris, R Stockdale
Health informatics journal 14 (4), 309-321, 2008
A review on IoT healthcare monitoring applications and a vision for transforming sensor data into real-time clinical feedback
HH Nguyen, F Mirza, MA Naeem, M Nguyen
2017 IEEE 21st International conference on computer supported cooperative …, 2017
A systematic review of wearable sensors and IoT-based monitoring applications for older adults–a focus on ageing population and independent living
MM Baig, S Afifi, H GholamHosseini, F Mirza
Journal of medical systems 43 (8), 1-11, 2019
Internet of things (IoT) applications for elderly care: a reflective review
SYY Tun, S Madanian, F Mirza
Aging clinical and experimental research 33 (4), 855-867, 2021
Opportunities and barriers for mobile health in New Zealand
F Mirza, T Norris
Studies in health technology and informatics 129 (1), 102, 2007
Clinical decision support systems in hospital care using ubiquitous devices: Current issues and challenges
MM Baig, H GholamHosseini, AA Moqeem, F Mirza, M Lindén
Health informatics journal 25 (3), 1091-1104, 2019
Falls management framework for supporting an independent lifestyle for older adults: a systematic review
H Nguyen, F Mirza, MA Naeem, MM Baig
Aging clinical and experimental research 30 (11), 1275-1286, 2018
Machine learning-based risk of hospital readmissions: predicting acute readmissions within 30 days of discharge
MM Baig, N Hua, E Zhang, R Robinson, D Armstrong, R Whittaker, ...
2019 41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2019
A cox-based risk prediction model for early detection of cardiovascular disease: identification of key risk factors for the development of a 10-Year CVD risk prediction
X Jia, MM Baig, F Mirza, H GholamHosseini
Advances in preventive medicine 2019, 2019
Clinical decision support for early detection of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus using wearable technology
M Baig, F Mirza, H GholamHosseini, J Gutierrez, E Ullah
2018 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2018
Sustainable, holistic, adaptable, real-time, and precise (SHARP) approach towards developing health and wellness systems
F Mirza, A Mirza, CYS Chung, D Sundaram
International conference on future network systems and security, 157-171, 2016
Modeling the access market of the two-sided ultra fast broadband platform in New Zealand
F Mirza, F Beltrán
Proceedings of the 16th Communications & Networking Symposium, 1-6, 2013
Drivers and Barriers to the Uptake of a FTTH Ultra-Fast Broadband in New Zealand
F Mirza, F Beltrán
TPRC, 2013
SENTIPEDE: a smart system for sentiment-based personality detection from short texts
A Darliansyah, M Naeem, F Mirza, R Pears
JUCS-Journal of Universal Computer Science 25, 1323, 2019
A crowd sourced framework for neighbour assisted medical emergency system
A Hossain, F Mirza, MA Naeem, J Gutierrez
2017 27th International Telecommunication Networks and Applications …, 2017
Detecting falls using a wearable accelerometer motion sensor
H Nguyen, F Mirza, MA Naeem, MM Baig
Proceedings of the 14th EAI International Conference on Mobile and …, 2017
Consumer resistance factors for the adoption of FTTH ultra-fast broadband in New Zealand
F Mirza, F Beltrán
Journal of Information Policy 4, 128-143, 2014
R Stockdale, T Norris, F Mirza
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Is it possible to cure Internet addiction with the Internet?
W Liu, F Mirza, A Narayanan, S Souligna
AI & SOCIETY 35 (1), 245-255, 2020
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