Michael Gauthier
Michael Gauthier
Senior Scientist, FEMTO-ST institute
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Analysis of forces for micromanipulations in dry and liquid media.
M Gauthier, S Régnier, P Rougeot, N Chaillet
Journal of Micromechatronics 3 (3-4), 389-413, 2006
Robotic microassembly and micromanipulation at FEMTO-ST
J Agnus, N Chaillet, C Clévy, S Dembélé, M Gauthier, Y Haddab, ...
Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics 8 (2), 91-106, 2013
Robotic microassembly
M Gauthier, S Régnier
John Wiley & Sons, 2011
Principle of a submerged freeze gripper for microassembly
B López-Walle, M Gauthier, N Chaillet
IEEE transactions on robotics 24 (4), 897-902, 2008
An electromagnetic micromanipulation system for single-cell manipulation
E Piat, M Gauthier
Journal of Micromechatronics 2 (2), 87-119, 2002
Robotic micro-assembly of microparts using a piezogripper
D Hériban, M Gauthier
2008 IEEE/RSJ international conference on intelligent robots and systems …, 2008
Control of a particular micro-macro positioning system applied to cell micromanipulation
M Gauthier, E Piat
IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 3 (3), 264-271, 2006
Modeling the trajectory of a microparticle in a dielectrophoresis device
M Kharboutly, M Gauthier, N Chaillet
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (11), 114312, 2009
Silicon end-effectors for microgripping tasks
J Agnus, D Hériban, M Gauthier, V Pétrini
Precision engineering 33 (4), 542-548, 2009
Adhesion forces controlled by chemical self-assembly and ph: Application to robotic microhandling
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Adhesion control for micro-and nanomanipulation
J Dejeu, M Bechelany, P Rougeot, L Philippe, M Gauthier
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Comparison between micro-objects manipulations in dry and liquid mediums
M Gauthier, B Lopez-Walle, C Clévy
2005 International Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Robotics and …, 2005
A van der waals force-based adhesion model for micromanipulation
S Alvo, P Lambert, M Gauthier, S Régnier
Journal of adhesion science and technology 24 (15-16), 2415-2428, 2010
Modular architecture of the microfactories for automatic micro-assembly
D Gendreau, M Gauthier, D Hériban, P Lutz
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Smart microrobots for mechanical cell characterization and cell convoying
M Boukallel, M Gauthier, M Dauge, E Piat, J Abadie
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Submerged robotic micromanipulation and dielectrophoretic micro-object release
M Gauthier, E Gibeau, D Heriban
2006 9th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and …, 2006
Reducing the adhesion between surfaces using surface structuring with ps latex particle
J Dejeu, M Bechelany, L Philippe, P Rougeot, J Michler, M Gauthier
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2 (6), 1630-1636, 2010
Modelling of a planar magnetic micropusher for biological cell manipulations
M Dauge, M Gauthier, E Piat
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 138 (1), 239-247, 2007
Measurement of pull-off force for planar contact at the microscale
K Rabenorosoa, C Clévy, P Lutz, M Gauthier, P Rougeot
Micro & Nano Letters 4 (3), 148-154, 2009
Impedance-based real-time position sensor for lab-on-a-chip devices
B Brazey, J Cottet, A Bolopion, H Van Lintel, P Renaud, M Gauthier
Lab on a Chip 18 (5), 818-831, 2018
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