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Isik Yilmaz
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Landslide susceptibility mapping using frequency ratio, logistic regression, artificial neural networks and their comparison: a case study from Kat landslides (Tokat—Turkey)
I Yilmaz
Computers & Geosciences 35 (6), 1125-1138, 2009
Comparison of landslide susceptibility mapping methodologies for Koyulhisar, Turkey: conditional probability, logistic regression, artificial neural networks, and support …
I Yilmaz
Environmental Earth Sciences 61, 821-836, 2010
Multiple regression, ANN (RBF, MLP) and ANFIS models for prediction of swell potential of clayey soils
I Yilmaz, O Kaynar
Expert systems with applications 38 (5), 5958-5966, 2011
Prediction of the strength and elasticity modulus of gypsum using multiple regression, ANN, and ANFIS models
I Yilmaz, G Yuksek
International journal of rock mechanics and mining sciences 46 (4), 803-810, 2009
Correlation of Schmidt hardness with unconfined compressive strength and Young's modulus in gypsum from Sivas (Turkey)
I Yılmaz, H Sendır
Engineering Geology 66 (3-4), 211-219, 2002
An example of artificial neural network (ANN) application for indirect estimation of rock parameters
I Yilmaz, AG Yuksek
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 41 (5), 781, 2008
Influence of water content on the strength and deformability of gypsum
I Yilmaz
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 47 (2), 342-347, 2010
Gypsum: an additive for stabilization of swelling clay soils
I Yilmaz, B Civelekoglu
Applied clay science 44 (1-2), 166-172, 2009
The effect of the sampling strategies on the landslide susceptibility mapping by conditional probability and artificial neural networks
I Yilmaz
Environmental Earth Sciences 60, 505-519, 2010
A case study from Koyulhisar (Sivas-Turkey) for landslide susceptibility mapping by artificial neural networks
I Yilmaz
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 68, 297-306, 2009
GIS based susceptibility mapping of karst depression in gypsum: a case study from Sivas basin (Turkey)
I Yilmaz
Engineering Geology 90 (1-2), 89-103, 2007
Indirect estimation of the swelling percent and a new classification of soils depending on liquid limit and cation exchange capacity
I Yilmaz
Engineering geology 85 (3-4), 295-301, 2006
GIS based statistical and physical approaches to landslide susceptibility mapping (Sebinkarahisar, Turkey)
I Yilmaz, I Keskin
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 68, 459-471, 2009
Influence of underground mining activities on the slope deformation genesis: Doubrava Vrchovec, Doubrava Ujala and Staric case studies from Czech Republic
M Marschalko, I Yilmaz, M Bednárik, K Kubečka
Engineering Geology 147, 37-51, 2012
Landslide hazard and risk assessment: a case study from the Hlohovec–Sered’landslide area in south-west Slovakia
M Bednarik, I Yilmaz, M Marschalko
Natural hazards 64, 547-575, 2012
A new testing method for indirect determination of the unconfined compressive strength of rocks
I Yilmaz
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 46 (8), 1349-1357, 2009
A short review on the surficial impacts of underground mining
AO Altun, I Yilmaz, M Yildirim
Sci Res Essays 5 (21), 3206-3212, 2010
Forecasting of natural gas consumption with neural network and neuro fuzzy system
O Kaynar, I Yilmaz, F Demirkoparan
Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research …, 2011
Neural computing models for prediction of permeability coefficient of coarse-grained soils
I Yilmaz, M Marschalko, M Bednarik, O Kaynar, L Fojtova
Neural Computing and Applications 21, 957-968, 2012
Gypsum/anhydrite: some engineering problems
I Yılmaz
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 60, 227-230, 2001
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