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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin in food of animal origin and staphylococcal food poisoning risk assessment from farm to table
L Grispoldi, M Karama, A Armani, C Hadjicharalambous, BT Cenci-Goga
Italian Journal of Animal Science 20 (1), 677-690, 2021
Characterization of enterotoxin-producing Staphylococcus aureus isolated from mastitic cows
L Grispoldi, L Massetti, P Sechi, MF Iulietto, M Ceccarelli, M Karama, ...
Journal of dairy science 102 (2), 1059-1065, 2019
New trends in meat packaging
BT Cenci-Goga, MF Iulietto, P Sechi, E Borgogni, M Karama, L Grispoldi
Microbiology Research 11 (2), 56-67, 2020
Ultrasound-assisted extraction and characterization of polyphenols from apple pomace, functional ingredients for beef burger fortification
L Pollini, F Blasi, F Ianni, L Grispoldi, S Moretti, A Di Veroli, L Cossignani, ...
Molecules 27 (6), 1933, 2022
Determining food stability to achieve food security
J García-Díez, C Gonçalves, L Grispoldi, B Cenci-Goga, C Saraiva
Sustainability 13 (13), 7222, 2021
Analysis of commercial hand sanitisers amid CoViD-19: are we getting the products that we need?
A Berardi, B Cenci-Goga, L Grispoldi, L Cossignani, DR Perinelli
AAPS PharmSciTech 21, 1-6, 2020
Analysis of the causes of the seizure and destruction of carcasses and organs in a slaughterhouse in central Italy in the 2010-2016 period
M Ceccarelli, E Leprini, P Sechi, MF Iulietto, L Grispoldi, E Goretti, ...
Italian journal of food safety 7 (1), 2018
Antimicrobial Activity of Myrtus communis L. and Rosmarinus officinalis L. Essential Oils against Listeria monocytogenes in Cheese
C Saraiva, AC Silva, J García-Díez, B Cenci-Goga, L Grispoldi, AF Silva, ...
Foods 10 (5), 1106, 2021
Study on the Growth and Enterotoxin Production by Staphylococcus aureus in Canned Meat before Retorting
L Grispoldi, PA Popescu, M Karama, V Gullo, G Poerio, E Borgogni, ...
Toxins 11 (5), 291, 2019
Cross-sectional study to identify risk factors associated with the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance genes in honey bees Apis mellifera) in Umbria, Central Italy
BT Cenci-Goga, P Sechi, M Karama, R Ciavarella, MV Pipistrelli, E Goretti, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27, 9637-9645, 2020
Noise assessment in slaughterhouses by means of a smartphone app
MF Iulietto, P Sechi, CM Gaudenzi, L Grispoldi, M Ceccarelli, S Barbera, ...
Italian journal of food safety 7 (2), 2018
Fate of selected pathogens in spiked «SALAME NOSTRANO» produced without added nitrates following the application of NONIT™ technology
BT Cenci-Goga, M Karama, P Sechi, MF Iulietto, L Grispoldi, R Selvaggini, ...
Meat science 139, 247-254, 2018
Bovine lymph nodes as a source of Escherichia coli contamination of the meat
L Grispoldi, M Karama, C Hadjicharalambous, F De Stefani, G Ventura, ...
International Journal of Food Microbiology 331, 108715, 2020
The importance of the slaughterhouse in surveilling animal and public health: a systematic review
J García-Díez, S Saraiva, D Moura, L Grispoldi, BT Cenci-Goga, ...
Veterinary Sciences 10 (2), 167, 2023
A risk assessment model for Salmonella spp. in swine carcasses
A Chalias, L Grispoldi, B Cenci Goga
EFSA Journal 20, e200405, 2022
The Relationship between S. aureus and Branched-Chain Amino Acids Content in Composite Cow Milk
L Grispoldi, M Karama, F Ianni, A La Mantia, L Pucciarini, E Camaioni, ...
Animals 9 (11), 981, 2019
A study on the application of natural extracts as alternatives to sodium nitrite in processed meat
L Grispoldi, M Karama, S El‐Ashram, C Saraiva, J García‐Díez, A Chalias, ...
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 46 (3), e16351, 2022
How to Assess in vitro Probiotic Viability and the Correct Use of Neutralizing Agents
L Grispoldi, R Giglietti, G Traina, B Cenci-Goga
Frontiers in Microbiology 11, 204, 2020
Quantitative risk assessment of Listeria monocytogenes in a traditional RTE product
Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy, ...
EFSA Journal 17, e170906, 2019
Apple pomace as valuable food ingredient for enhancing nutritional and antioxidant properties of Italian salami
L Grispoldi, F Ianni, F Blasi, L Pollini, S Crotti, D Cruciani, BT Cenci-Goga, ...
Antioxidants 11 (7), 1221, 2022
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