Yurong Lai, PhD FAAPS
Yurong Lai, PhD FAAPS
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Classification of inhibitors of hepatic organic anion transporting polypeptides (OATPs): influence of protein expression on drug–drug interactions
M Karlgren, A Vildhede, U Norinder, JR Wisniewski, E Kimoto, Y Lai, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 55 (10), 4740-4763, 2012
Development of a new permeability assay using low‐efflux MDCKII cells
L Di, C Whitney‐Pickett, JP Umland, H Zhang, X Zhang, DF Gebhard, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 100 (11), 4974-4985, 2011
Protein abundance of clinically relevant multidrug transporters along the entire length of the human intestine
M Drozdzik, C Gröer, J Penski, J Lapczuk, M Ostrowski, Y Lai, B Prasad, ...
Molecular pharmaceutics 11 (10), 3547-3555, 2014
Mechanistic pharmacokinetic modeling for the prediction of transporter-mediated disposition in humans from sandwich culture human hepatocyte data
HM Jones, HA Barton, Y Lai, Y Bi, E Kimoto, S Kempshall, SC Tate, ...
Drug Metabolism and Disposition 40 (5), 1007-1017, 2012
Intracellular drug concentrations and transporters: measurement, modeling, and implications for the liver
X Chu, K Korzekwa, R Elsby, K Fenner, A Galetin, Y Lai, P Matsson, ...
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 94 (1), 126-141, 2013
In Vitro Methods to Support Transporter Evaluation in Drug Discovery and Development
KLR Brouwer, D Keppler, KA Hoffmaster, DAJ Bow, Y Cheng, Y Lai, ...
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 94 (1), 95-112, 2013
Mitochondrial expression of the human equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1 (hENT1) results in enhanced mitochondrial toxicity of antiviral drugs
Y Lai, CM Tse, JD Unadkat
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (6), 4490-4497, 2004
In situ hybridization and immunolocalization of concentrative and equilibrative nucleoside transporters in the human intestine, liver, kidneys, and placenta
R Govindarajan, AH Bakken, KL Hudkins, Y Lai, FJ Casado, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative …, 2007
LC–MS/MS-based quantification of clinically relevant intestinal uptake and efflux transporter proteins
C Gröer, S Brück, Y Lai, A Paulick, A Busemann, CD Heidecke, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 85, 253-261, 2013
Identification of the mitochondrial targeting signal of the human equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1 (hENT1): implications for interspecies differences in mitochondrial …
EW Lee, Y Lai, H Zhang, JD Unadkat
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (24), 16700-16706, 2006
Physiologically based modeling of pravastatin transporter-mediated hepatobiliary disposition and drug-drug interactions
MVS Varma, Y Lai, B Feng, J Litchfield, TC Goosen, A Bergman
Pharmaceutical research 29 (10), 2860-2873, 2012
Identification of interspecies difference in efflux transporters of hepatocytes from dog, rat, monkey and human
M Li, H Yuan, N Li, G Song, Y Zheng, M Baratta, F Hua, A Thurston, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 35 (1-2), 114-126, 2008
Characterization of organic anion transporting polypeptide (OATP) expression and its functional contribution to the uptake of substrates in human hepatocytes
E Kimoto, K Yoshida, LM Balogh, Y Bi, K Maeda, A El-Kattan, Y Sugiyama, ...
Molecular pharmaceutics 9 (12), 3535-3542, 2012
Hepatic uptake of atorvastatin: influence of variability in transporter expression on uptake clearance and drug-drug interactions
A Vildhede, M Karlgren, EK Svedberg, JR Wisniewski, Y Lai, A Norén, ...
Drug metabolism and disposition 42 (7), 1210-1218, 2014
Coproporphyrins in plasma and urine can be appropriate clinical biomarkers to recapitulate drug-drug interactions mediated by organic anion transporting polypeptide inhibition
Y Lai, S Mandlekar, H Shen, VK Holenarsipur, R Langish, P Rajanna, ...
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 358 (3), 397-404, 2016
Mechanistic insights from comparing intrinsic clearance values between human liver microsomes and hepatocytes to guide drug design
L Di, C Keefer, DO Scott, TJ Strelevitz, G Chang, YA Bi, Y Lai, J Duckworth, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 57, 441-448, 2012
LC− MS/MS mediated absolute quantification and comparison of bile salt export pump and breast cancer resistance protein in livers and hepatocytes across species
N Li, J Palandra, OV Nemirovskiy, Y Lai
Analytical chemistry 81 (6), 2251-2259, 2009
Interindividual variability in the hepatic expression of the human breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP/ABCG2): effect of age, sex, and genotype
B Prasad, Y Lai, Y Lin, JD Unadkat
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 102 (3), 787-793, 2013
Mechanistic modeling to predict the transporter-and enzyme-mediated drug-drug interactions of repaglinide
MVS Varma, Y Lai, E Kimoto, TC Goosen, AF El-Kattan, V Kumar
Pharmaceutical research 30 (4), 1188-1199, 2013
Absolute difference of hepatobiliary transporter multidrug resistance-associated protein (MRP2/Mrp2) in liver tissues and isolated hepatocytes from rat, dog, monkey, and human
N Li, Y Zhang, F Hua, Y Lai
Drug metabolism and disposition 37 (1), 66-73, 2009
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