Richard K. Lester
Richard K. Lester
Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Made in America
ML Dertouzos, RK Lester, RM Solow
Cambridge, MA (USA); The MIT Press, 1989
Eco-economy: Building an economy for the earth
LR Brown
WW Norton & Company, 2001
Innovation—The missing dimension
RK Lester, MJ Piore
Harvard University Press, 2009
World on the edge: how to prevent environmental and economic collapse
L Brown
Routledge, 2012
Made by Hong Kong
B Lester
Oxford University Press, USA, 1997
Outgrowing the Earth: the food security challenge in an age of falling water tables and rising temperatures
LR Brown
Taylor & Francis, 2012
The new global supply base: new challenges for local suppliers in East Asia
T Sturgeon, RK Lester
Global production networking and technological change in East Asia, 35-87, 2004
Universities, innovation, and the competitiveness of local economies
R Lester
A summary Report from the Local Innovation Systems Project: Phase I …, 2005
the MIT Commission on Industrial Productivity (1989)
ML Dertouzos, RK Lester, RM Solow
Made in America: Regaining the productive edge, 157, 1989
The future of nuclear power
J Deutch, E Moniz, S Ansolabehere, M Driscoll, P Gray, J Holdren, ...
an MIT Interdisciplinary Study, http://web. mit. edu/nuclearpower, 2003
The effect of industrial structure on learning by doing in nuclear power plant operation
RK Lester, MJ McCabe
The Rand Journal of Economics, 418-438, 1993
Interpretive management: What general managers can learn from design
RK Lester, MJ Piore, KM Malek
Managing innovation and change, 32-44, 2002
Toward a new industrial America
S Berger, ML Dertouzos, RK Lester, RM Solow, LC Thurow
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The productive edge: how US industries are pointing the way to a new era of economic growth
RK Lester
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ML Dertouzos, RK Lester, RM Solow
Cambridge: The MITPress. DertouzosMade in America: Regaining the Productive …, 1970
The future of nuclear power
S Ansolabehere
MIT Press, 2003
Global Taiwan: Building competitive strengths in a new international economy
S Berger, RK Lester
ME Sharpe, 2005
The role of firm low-carbon electricity resources in deep decarbonization of power generation
NA Sepulveda, JD Jenkins, FJ de Sisternes, RK Lester
Joule 2 (11), 2403-2420, 2018
The future of coal: Options for a carbon-constrained world
S Ansolabehere
Massachusetts Institue of Technology, 2007
The future of coal: an interdisciplinary MIT study
J Katzer, EJ Moniz, J Deutch, S Ansolabehere, J Beer
Technical report, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 2007
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