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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Solar forecasting methods for renewable energy integration
RH Inman, HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Progress in energy and combustion science 39 (6), 535-576, 2013
Assessment of forecasting techniques for solar power production with no exogenous inputs
HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Solar Energy 86 (7), 2017-2028, 2012
History and trends in solar irradiance and PV power forecasting: A preliminary assessment and review using text mining
D Yang, J Kleissl, CA Gueymard, HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Solar Energy 168, 60-101, 2018
Short-term reforecasting of power output from a 48 MWe solar PV plant
Y Chu, B Urquhart, SMI Gohari, HTC Pedro, J Kleissl, CFM Coimbra
Solar Energy 112, 68-77, 2015
Hybrid solar forecasting method uses satellite imaging and ground telemetry as inputs to ANNs
R Marquez, HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Solar Energy 92, 176-188, 2013
Numerical study of stall delay on humpback whale flippers
H Carreira Pedro, M Kobayashi
46th AIAA aerospace sciences meeting and exhibit, 584, 2008
Hybrid intra-hour DNI forecasts with sky image processing enhanced by stochastic learning
Y Chu, HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Solar Energy 98, 592-603, 2013
Cloud-tracking methodology for intra-hour DNI forecasting
S Quesada-Ruiz, Y Chu, J Tovar-Pescador, HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Solar Energy 102, 267-275, 2014
Variable order modeling of diffusive-convective effects on the oscillatory flow past a sphere
HTC Pedro, MH Kobayashi, JMC Pereira, CFM Coimbra
Journal of Vibration and Control 14 (9-10), 1659-1672, 2008
Benefits of solar forecasting for energy imbalance markets
A Kaur, L Nonnenmacher, HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Renewable energy 86, 819-830, 2016
Real-time forecasting of solar irradiance ramps with smart image processing
Y Chu, HTC Pedro, M Li, CFM Coimbra
Solar Energy 114, 91-104, 2015
Nearest-neighbor methodology for prediction of intra-hour global horizontal and direct normal irradiances
HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Renewable Energy 80, 770-782, 2015
Real-time prediction intervals for intra-hour DNI forecasts
Y Chu, M Li, HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Renewable Energy 83, 234-244, 2015
Assessment of machine learning techniques for deterministic and probabilistic intra-hour solar forecasts
HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra, M David, P Lauret
Renewable Energy 123, 191-203, 2018
A smart image-based cloud detection system for intrahour solar irradiance forecasts
Y Chu, HTC Pedro, L Nonnenmacher, RH Inman, Z Liao, CFM Coimbra
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 31 (9), 1995-2007, 2014
Performance evaluation of various cryogenic energy storage systems
RF Abdo, HTC Pedro, RNN Koury, L Machado, CFM Coimbra, MP Porto
Energy 90, 1024-1032, 2015
Probabilistic solar forecasting using quantile regression models
P Lauret, M David, HTC Pedro
energies 10 (10), 1591, 2017
On the role of lagged exogenous variables and spatio–temporal correlations in improving the accuracy of solar forecasting methods
A Zagouras, HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Renewable Energy 78, 203-218, 2015
A comprehensive dataset for the accelerated development and benchmarking of solar forecasting methods
HTC Pedro, DP Larson, CFM Coimbra
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 11 (3), 036102, 2019
Short-term irradiance forecastability for various solar micro-climates
HTC Pedro, CFM Coimbra
Solar Energy 122, 587-602, 2015
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