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Ahmet Özgül
University of Kyrenia
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Effect of ankylosing spondylitis on health-related quality of life and different aspects of social life in young patients
A Ozgül, F Peker, MA Taskaynatan, AK Tan, K Dinçer, TA Kalyon
Clinical rheumatology 25 (2), 168-174, 2006
Clinical significance of congenital lumbosacral malformations in young male population with prolonged low back pain
MA Taskaynatan, Y Izci, A Ozgul, B Hazneci, H Dursun, TA Kalyon
Spine 30 (8), E210-E213, 2005
Bier block with methylprednisolone and lidocaine in CRPS type I: a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study
MA Taskaynatan, A Ozgul, AK Tan, K Dincer, TA Kalyon
Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine 29 (5), 408-412, 2004
The effects of electrical stimulation combined with continuous passive motion versus isometric exercise on symptoms, functional capacity, quality of life and balance in knee …
F Tok, K Aydemir, F Peker, I Safaz, MA Taşkaynatan, A Özgül
Rheumatology international 31 (2), 177-181, 2011
Suprascapular nerve block versus steroid injection for non-specific shoulder pain
MA Taskaynatan, B Yilmaz, A Ozgul, K Yazicioglu, TA Kalyon
The Tohoku journal of experimental medicine 205 (1), 19-25, 2005
Sexual problems in male ankylosing spondylitis patients: relationship with functionality, disease activity, quality of life, and emotional status
E Cakar, U Dincer, MZ Kiralp, MA Taskaynatan, E Yasar, EO Bayman, ...
Clinical rheumatology 26 (10), 1607-1613, 2007
Work disability in ankylosing spondylitis: differences among working and work-disabled patients
E Cakar, MA Taskaynatan, U Dincer, MZ Kiralp, O Durmus, A Ozgül
Clinical rheumatology 28 (11), 1309-1314, 2009
Sacroiliitis in familial Mediterranean fever and seronegative spondyloarthropathy: importance of differential diagnosis
B Balaban, E Yasar, A Ozgul, K Dincer, TA Kalyon
Rheumatology international 25 (8), 641-644, 2005
Effects of sociodemographic characteristics, illness process, and social support on the levels of perceived quality of life in veterans
K Yazicioğlu, V Duyan, K Karataş, A Oezguel, B Yilmaz, GC Duyan, ...
Military medicine 171 (11), 1083-1088, 2006
Poncet's disease (tuberculous rheumatism): two case reports and review of the literature [Case Study]
A Ozgul, O Baylan, MA Taskaynatan, TA Kalyon
The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 9 (7), 822-824, 2005
The effects of balneotherapy on disease activity, functional status, pulmonary function and quality of life in patients with ankylosing spondylitis.
K Aydemir, F Tok, F Peker, I Safaz, MA Taskaynatan, A Ozgul
Acta reumatologica portuguesa 35 (5), 441-446, 2010
Factitious disorders encountered in patients with the diagnosis of reflex sympathetic dystrophy
MA Taskaynatan, B Balaban, T Karlidere, A Ozgul, AK Tan, TA Kalyon
Clinical rheumatology 24 (5), 521-526, 2005
Clinical presentations of chlamydial and non-chlamydial reactive arthritis
A Özgül, I Dede, MA Taskaynatan, H Aydogan, TA Kalyon
Rheumatology international 26 (10), 879-885, 2006
The comparison of ultrasonographic and scintigraphic findings of early arthritis in revealing rheumatoid arthritis according to criteria of American College of Rheumatology
A Ozgul, E Yasar, N Arslan, B Balaban, MA Taskaynatan, K Tezel, ...
Rheumatology international 29 (7), 765-768, 2009
Effects of steroid with repetitive procaine HCl injection in the management of carpal tunnel syndrome: an ultrasonographic study
Ö Karadaş, ÖK Omaç, F Tok, A Özgül, Z Odabaşı
Journal of the neurological sciences 316 (1-2), 76-78, 2012
Cervical traction in conservative management of thoracic outlet syndrome
MA Taskaynatan, B Balaban, E Yasar, A Ozgul, TA Kalyon
Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain 15 (1), 89-94, 2007
Effects of steroid iontophoresis and electrotherapy on bicipital tendonitis
MA Taskaynatan, A Ozgul, A Ozdemir, AK Tan, TA Kalyon
Journal of Musculoskeletal pain 15 (4), 47-54, 2007
The diagnostic value of dermatomal somatosensory evoked potentials in lumbosacral disc herniations: a critical approach.
K Yazicioğlu, A Ozgül, TA Kalyon, S Gündüz, O Arpacioğlu, F Bilgiç
Electromyography and clinical neurophysiology 39 (3), 175-181, 1999
Acute brucella sacroiliitis: clinical features
A Özgül, K Yazicioĝlu, Ş Gündüz, TA Kalyon, O Arpacioĝlu
Clinical rheumatology 17 (6), 521-523, 1998
Accuracy of ultrasound-guided suprascapular nerve block measured with neurostimulation
MA Taskaynatan, A Ozgul, K Aydemir, OO Koroglu, AK Tan
Rheumatology international 32 (7), 2125-2128, 2012
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