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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Selective removal of 17β-estradiol with molecularly imprinted particle-embedded cryogel systems
İ Koç, G Baydemir, E Bayram, H Yavuz, A Denizli
Journal of hazardous materials 192 (3), 1819-1826, 2011
Experiments on vibration absorption using energy sinks
A Akay, Z Xu, A Carcaterra, IM Koç
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 118 (5), 3043-3049, 2005
Energy sinks: vibration absorption by an optimal set of undamped oscillators
IM Koç, A Carcaterra, Z Xu, A Akay
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 118 (5), 3031-3042, 2005
Design of a piezoelectric based tactile sensor with bio-inspired micro/nano-pillars
İM Koç, E Akça
Tribology International 59, 321-331, 2013
Tactile sensing of constructional differences in fabrics with a polymeric finger tip
İM Koç, C Aksu
Tribology International 59, 339-349, 2013
Near-irreversibility in a conservative linear structure with singularity points in its modal density
A Carcaterra, A Akay, IM Koc
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 119 (4), 2141-2149, 2006
An active force controlled laparoscopic grasper by using a smart material actuation
IM Koc, T Eray, B Sümer, N Cerci
Tribology International 100, 317-327, 2016
Interest rate risk in interest-free banks: An empirical research on Turkish participation banks
KOÇ İlker
Turkish Journal of Islamic Economics 5 (1), 89-108, 2018
Comparative study on Well-to-Wheels emissions between fully electric and conventional automobiles in Istanbul
A Ozdemir, IM Koc, B Sumer
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 87, 102508, 2020
Analytical and experimental analysis on frictional dynamics of a single elastomeric pillar
T Eray, B Sümer, IM Koc
Tribology International 100, 293-305, 2016
Mpc and lqr type controller design and comparison for an unmanned helicopter
S Franko, İM Koç, C Özsoy, N Sari
Proceedings of the 2011 Summer Computer Simulation Conference, 138-144, 2011
Hassas ve katı pnömatik konum kontrolu
İM Koç
Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, 1998
Modeling frictional dynamics of a visco-elastic pillar rubbed on a smooth surface
İM Koç, T Eray
Tribology International 127, 187-199, 2018
Organizational intelligence scale for business organizations in chaotic situations
ŞŞ Erçetin, N Potas, İ Koç
Handbook of research on chaos and complexity theory in the social sciences …, 2016
Synthesis and Characterization of Macroporous Poly Acrylamide-Methacrylamido Histidine Cryogels and Their Use in Antibody Purification
KOÇ İlker, N Bereli, G Baydemir, IY GALAEV, A Denizli
Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry 36 (1), 61-76, 2008
Fabrication of a flexible tactile sensor with micro-pillar array
B Sümer, IM Koc
Procedia engineering 120, 134-137, 2015
Nearly irreversible energy trapping by an undamped continuous structure with singularity points in its modal density
A Carcaterra, A Akay, IM Koç
Journal of Acoustical Society of America 119, 2124, 2006
The undamaged tissue grasping in a laparoscopic surgical grasper via distributed pressure measurement
B Sümer, MC Özin, T Eray, İM Koç
Tribology International 113, 330-337, 2017
Alteration of friction force of a harmonically excited elastomeric pillar
B Sümer, T Eray, İM Koç
Tribology International 113, 297-305, 2017
Friction force evaluation for grasping in minimally invasive surgery
MC Özin, B Sümer, İM Koç
Tribology International 131, 167-173, 2019
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