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Bryan M. Williams
Bryan M. Williams
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Learning active contour models for medical image segmentation
X Chen, BM Williams, SR Vallabhaneni, G Czanner, R Williams, Y Zheng
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2019
Dense Fully Convolutional Segmentation of the Optic Disc and Cup in Colour Fundus for Glaucoma Diagnosis
B Al-Bander, BM Williams, W Al-Nuaimy, MA Al-Taee, H Pratt, Y Zheng
Symmetry 10 (4), 87, 2018
Multiscale sequential convolutional neural networks for simultaneous detection of fovea and optic disc
B Al-Bander, W Al-Nuaimy, BM Williams, Y Zheng
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 40, 91-101, 2018
Measurement of the intertablet coating uniformity of a pharmaceutical pan coating process with combined terahertz and optical coherence tomography in-line sensing
H Lin, Y Dong, D Markl, BM Williams, Y Zheng, Y Shen, JA Zeitler
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 106 (4), 1075-1084, 2017
FCNN: Fourier convolutional neural networks
H Pratt, B Williams, F Coenen, Y Zheng
Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in …, 2017
An artificial intelligence-based deep learning algorithm for the diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy using corneal confocal microscopy: a development and validation study
BM Williams, D Borroni, R Liu, Y Zhao, J Zhang, J Lim, B Ma, V Romano, ...
Diabetologia 63 (2), 419-430, 2020
Imaging of Corneal Neovascularization: Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography and Fluorescence Angiography
M Brunner, V Romano, B Steger, R Vinciguerra, S Lawman, B Williams, ...
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 59 (3), 1263-1269, 2018
Accurate, fast, data efficient and interpretable glaucoma diagnosis with automated spatial analysis of the whole cup to disc profile
IJC MacCormick, BM Williams, Y Zheng, K Li, B Al-Bander, S Czanner, ...
PloS one 14 (1), e0209409, 2019
High resolution corneal and single pulse imaging with line field spectral domain optical coherence tomography
S Lawman, Y Dong, BM Williams, V Romano, S Kaye, SP Harding, ...
Optics Express 24 (11), 12395-12405, 2016
Non-destructive analysis of flake properties in automotive paints with full-field optical coherence tomography and 3D segmentation
J Zhang, BM Williams, S Lawman, D Atkinson, Z Zhang, Y Shen, Y Zheng
Optics Express 25 (16), 18614-18628, 2017
Diabetic macular edema grading based on deep neural networks
B Al-Bander, W Al-Nuaimy, MA Al-Taee, BM Williams, Y Zheng
Proc. of the Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis International Workshop, 2016
Improving Fetal Head Contour Detection by Object Localisation with Deep Learning
B Al-Bander, T Alzahrani, S Alzahrani, BM Williams, Y Zheng
Annual Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis, 142-150, 2019
Deformation velocity imaging using optical coherence tomography and its applications to the cornea
S Lawman, PW Madden, V Romano, Y Dong, S Mason, BM Williams, ...
Biomedical optics express 8 (12), 5579-5593, 2017
Automatic detection and distinction of retinal vessel bifurcations and crossings in colour fundus photography
H Pratt, BM Williams, JY Ku, C Vas, E McCann, B Al-Bander, Y Zhao, ...
Journal of Imaging 4 (1), 4, 2017
Scan-Less Line Field Optical Coherence Tomography, with Automatic Image Segmentation, as a Measurement Tool for Automotive Coatings
S Lawman, BM Williams, J Zhang, YC Shen, Y Zheng
Applied Sciences 7 (4), 351, 2017
A new image deconvolution method with fractional regularisation
BM Williams, J Zhang, K Chen
Journal of Algorithms & Computational Technology 10 (4), 265-276, 2016
A new constrained total variational deblurring model and its fast algorithm
BM Williams, K Chen, SP Harding
Numerical Algorithms 69 (2), 415-441, 2015
A new study of blind deconvolution with implicit incorporation of nonnegativity constraints
K Chen, SP Harding, BM Williams, Y Zheng
International Journal of Computational Mathematics 2015, 2015
Fast Blur Detection and Parametric Deconvolution of Retinal Fundus Images
BM Williams, B Al-Bander, H Pratt, S Lawman, Y Zhao, Y Zheng, Y Shen
Fetal, Infant and Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis, 194-201, 2017
A novel choroid segmentation method for retinal diagnosis using deep learning
B Al-Bander, BM Williams, MA Al-Taee, W Al-Nuaimy, Y Zheng
2017 10th International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering …, 2017
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