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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Measurement of M shell X-ray production cross sections and fluorescence yields for the elements in the atomic range 70≤ Z≤ 92 at 5.96 keV
M Ertuǧrul, E Tiraşoǧlu, Y Kurucu, S Erzeneoǧlu, R Durak, Y Şahin
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 1996
Angular dependence of Ll, Lα, Lβ and Lγ X-ray differential and fluorescence cross-sections for Er, Ta, W, Au, Hg and Tl
L Demir, M Şahin, Y Kurucu, A Karabulut, Y Şahin
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 67 (5), 605-612, 2003
Synthesis and characterization of waste CRT glasses through physical, optical and structural properties: A comprehensive study on recycling
R Kurtuluş, T Kavas, E Kavaz, HO Tekin, Y Kurucu
Optik 248 (167168), 2021
Effects of the external magnetic field and chemical combination on Kβ/Kα X-ray intensity ratios of some nickel and cobalt compounds
S Porikli, Y Kurucu
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 66 (10), 1381-1386, 2008
Synthesis of CuO–graphene nanocomposite material and the effect of gamma radiation on CuO–graphene/p-Si junction diode
Z Orhan, E Cinan, Z Çaldıran, Y Kurucu, E Daş
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 31, 12715-12724, 2020
Measurement of photon-induced L X-ray production cross-sections for some elements with 40≤ Z≤ 70 at 122 keV
R Durak, S Erzeneoǧlu, Y Kurucu, Y Şahin
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 51 (1), 45-48, 1998
Variation of Kβ/Kα X-ray intensity ratio and lineshape with the effects of external magnetic field and chemical combination
S Porikli, D Demir, Y Kurucu
The European Physical Journal D 47, 315-323, 2008
Measurements of atomic form factors at 4.283-A ̊− 1 photon-momentum transfer
S Erzeneoglu, Y Kurucu, R Durak, Y Şahin
Physical Review A 51 (6), 4628, 1995
Effect of an External Magnetic Field on the Kα and Kβ x-Ray Emission Lines of the 3d Transition Metals
S Porikli, Y Kurucu
Instrumentation Science and Technology 36 (4), 341-354, 2008
Measurement of relative L X-ray intensity ratio following radioactive decay and photoionization
P Yalçın, S Porikli, Y Kurucu, Y Şahin
Physics Letters B 663 (3), 186-190, 2008
Incoherent scattering of 59.5 keV gamma rays by Fe, Zn and Nb
SZ Erzeneoğlu, Y Kurucu, Y Şahin
Physica Scripta 57 (4), 503, 1998
Coherent scattering of 59.5 keV photons by Au and Pb
S Erzeneoglu, Y Kurucu, R Durak, Y Sahin
Physica Scripta 54 (2), 153, 1996
Peak area determination and energy dependence of gamma-and X-ray peak tailing
Y Şahin, R Durak, Y Kurucu, S Erzeneoğlu
Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry 177, 403-413, 1994
Measurement of the Compton and Coherent Scattering Differential Cross-Sections
Turkish Journal of Physics 22 (8), 783-788, 1998
Emission probabilities of K X-and γ-rays following 51Cr and 67Ga decay
P Yalcin, Y Kurucu
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 62 (1), 63-67, 2005
Estimation of energy absorption buildup factors of some human tissues at energies relevant to brachytherapy and external beam radiotherapy
M Kurudirek, Y Kurucu
International Journal of Radiation Biology 95 (12), 1685-1695, 2019
Determination of Chemical Effect on the Kβ1/Kα, Kβ2/Kα, Kβ2/Kβ1 and Kβ/Kα X-Ray Intensity Ratios of 4d Transition Metals
S Porikli, İ Han, P Yalçın, Y Kurucu
Spectroscopy Letters 44 (1), 38-46, 2011
Investigation of some nuclear engineering materials in terms of gamma ray buildup factors at experimental energies used in nuclear physics experiments
M Kurudirek, Y Kurucu
Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids 175 (7-8), 640-656, 2020
Measurement of the incoherent scattering functions
P Yalcin, Y Kurucu, S Erzeneoǧlu, Y Şahin
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 58 (4), 325-329, 2000
Comparisons of an external magnetic field effect and chemical effect on X-ray / intensity ratio and line-shape of some Chromium compounds
S Porikli, Y Kurucu
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 289 (3), 739-750, 2011
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