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Nicolò Boschetti
Nicolò Boschetti
Researcher Assistant, Cornell University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Space cybersecurity lessons learned from the viasat cyberattack
N Boschetti, NG Gordon, G Falco
ASCEND 2022, 4380, 2022
A security risk taxonomy for commercial space missions
G Falco, N Boschetti
ASCEND 2021, 4241, 2021
An international technical standard for commercial space system cybersecurity-a call to action
G Falco, W Henry, M Aliberti, B Bailey, M Bailly, S Bonnart, N Boschetti, ...
ASCEND 2022, 4302, 2022
The importance of cybersecurity frameworks to regulate emergent AI technologies for space applications
A Carlo, NP Mantı, BAS WAM, F Casamassima, N Boschetti, P Breda, ...
Journal of Space Safety Engineering 10 (4), 474-482, 2023
Commercial space risk framework assessing the satellite ground station security landscape for nato in the arctic and high north
N Boschetti, N Gordon, J Sigholm, G Falco
MILCOM 2022-2022 IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM), 679-686, 2022
Slipping Through Attackers' Fingers: Fast Neutron Communications for Space Cybersecurity
D Marsili, N Boschetti, N Gordon, Y Nikas, W Leger, M Joyce, G Falco
2023 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 1-12, 2023
Ground station as a service reference architectures and cyber security attack tree analysis
N Boschetti, C Smethurst, G Epiphaniou, C Maple, J Sigholm, G Falco
2023 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 1-12, 2023
A Global Ionosphere Situational Awareness Architecture for Over the Horizon Radar Operations
N Boschetti, I Nikas, S Sharma, G Falco
2024 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 1-9, 2024
A Hybrid Space Architecture for Robust and Resilient Satellite Services
N Boschetti, J Sigholm, M Wallén, G Falco
2023 IEEE 9th International Conference on Space Mission Challenges for …, 2023
An Overview of High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) Systems, HAPS Vehicle Architecture, and HAPS Cybersecurity
N Boschetti, J Slay, J Plotnek, G Karabulut Kurt, G Falco
ASCEND 2023, 4800, 2023
AI systems to ensure cyber security in space
NP Mantı, A Carlo, P Breda, N Boschetti, D Jha, A Abdin
73rd International Astronautical Congress, IAC 2022 2022, 2022
Improving Spacecraft Reliability Through Digital Transformation
NG Gordon, N Boschetti, D Marsili, G Falco
Journal of Aerospace Information Systems 21 (5), 422-429, 2024
Lasers on the Moon: Recommendations for Pioneering Lunar Communication Infrastructure
NG Gordon, D Marsili, I Nikas, N Boschetti
IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2023
Modelling the Impact of Space Situational Awareness Disruption on the European and Arctic Security Landscape
A Carlo, N Boschetti
International Conference on Modelling and Simulation for Autonomous Systems …, 2022
Understanding Space Vulnerabilities: Developing Technical and Legal Frameworks for AI and Cybersecurity in Space
A Carlo, N Mantı, A Bintang, F Casamassima, N Boschetti, P Breda, ...
The importance of cybersecurity frameworks to regulate emergent AI technologies for space applications
F Casamassima, T Rahloff, A Bintang, N Boschetti, P Breda, A Carlo, ...
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