Phinit Phisitkul
Phinit Phisitkul
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Complications of locking plate fixation in complex proximal tibia injuries
P Phisitkul, TO Mckinley, JV Nepola, JL Marsh
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MCL injuries of the knee: current concepts review
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F Nickisch, A Barg, CL Saltzman, TC Beals, DE Bonasia, P Phisitkul, ...
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Forceps reduction of the syndesmosis in rotational ankle fractures: a cadaveric study
P Phisitkul, T Ebinger, J Goetz, T Vaseenon, JL Marsh
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Total ankle replacement: why, when and how?
DE Bonasia, F Dettoni, JE Femino, P Phisitkul, M Germano, A Amendola
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Gastrocnemius recession for foot and ankle conditions in adults: Evidence-based recommendations
CC Cychosz, P Phisitkul, DA Belatti, MA Glazebrook, CW DiGiovanni
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Correlation of knee and hindfoot deformities in advanced knee OA: compensatory hindfoot alignment and where it occurs
AA Norton, JJ Callaghan, A Amendola, P Phisitkul, S Wongsak, SS Liu, ...
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Psychometric comparison of the PROMIS physical function CAT with the FAAM and FFI for measuring patient-reported outcomes
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Arthroscopic resection of talocalcaneal coalitions
DE Bonasia, P Phisitkul, CL Saltzman, A Barg, A Amendola
Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surgery 27 (3), 430-435, 2011
Subtalar instability: diagnosis and treatment
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Tripod index: a new radiographic parameter assessing foot alignment
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Economic burden of foot and ankle surgery in the US Medicare population
DA Belatti, P Phisitkul
Foot & ankle international 35 (4), 334-340, 2014
Total joint arthroplasty: trends in Medicare reimbursement and implant prices
DA Belatti, AJ Pugely, P Phisitkul, A Amendola, JJ Callaghan
The Journal of Arthroplasty 29 (8), 1539-1544, 2014
Risks to the blood supply of the talus with four methods of total ankle arthroplasty: a cadaveric injection study
JN Tennant, C Rungprai, MA Pizzimenti, J Goetz, P Phisitkul, J Femino, ...
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Accuracy of anterolateral drawer test in lateral ankle instability: a cadaveric study
P Phisitkul, C Chaichankul, R Sripongsai, I Prasitdamrong, ...
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Endoscopic surgery of the Achilles tendon
P Phisitkul
Current reviews in musculoskeletal medicine 5 (2), 156-163, 2012
Anatomic deltoid ligament repair with anchor-to-post suture reinforcement: technique tip
W Lack, P Phisitkul, JE Femino
The Iowa orthopaedic journal 32, 227, 2012
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