Dirk Grunwald
Dirk Grunwald
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Anonymous usage of location-based services through spatial and temporal cloaking
M Gruteser, D Grunwald
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Prefetching using markov predictors
D Joseph, D Grunwald
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Pipeline gating: Speculation control for energy reduction
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Proceedings. 25th Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture …, 1998
Massive arrays of idle disks for storage archives
D Colarelli, D Grunwald
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A vision for technology-mediated support for public participation & assistance in mass emergencies & disasters
L Palen, KM Anderson, G Mark, J Martin, D Sicker, M Palmer, D Grunwald
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Low-resource routing attacks against Tor
K Bauer, D McCoy, D Grunwald, T Kohno, D Sicker
Proceedings of the 2007 ACM workshop on Privacy in electronic society, 11-20, 2007
Policies for dynamic clock scheduling
D Grunwald, CB Morrey III, P Levis, M Neufeld, KI Farkas
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Shining light in dark places: Understanding the Tor network
D McCoy, K Bauer, D Grunwald, T Kohno, D Sicker
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Enhancing location privacy in wireless LAN through disposable interface identifiers: a quantitative analysis
M Gruteser, D Grunwald
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Predictive sequential associative cache
B Calder, D Grunwald, J Emer
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Guide to wireless mesh networks
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Confidence estimation for speculation control
D Grunwald, A Klauser, S Manne, A Pleszkun
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Reducing indirect function call overhead in C++ programs
B Calder, D Grunwald
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Quantifying behavioral differences between C and C++ programs
B Calder, D Grunwald, B Zorn
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Privacy-Aware Location Sensor Networks.
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A stateless, content-directed data prefetching mechanism
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Quantifying the energy consumption of a pocket computer and a Java virtual machine
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Softmac-flexible wireless research platform
M Neufeld, J Fifield, C Doerr, A Sheth, D Grunwald
Proc. HotNets-IV, 1-5, 2005
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