Jia-Wei Chen
Jia-Wei Chen
School of Mathematics and Statistics, Southwest University, China
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Determining relative density of sands from CPT using fuzzy sets
CH Juang, XH Huang, RD Holtz, JW Chen
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Multiobjective optimization problems with modified objective functions and cone constraints and applications
JW Chen, YJ Cho, JK Kim, J Li
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Determination of drained friction angle of sands from CPT
JW Chen, CH Juang
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Semi-coupled two-stream fusion convnets for action recognition at extremely low resolutions
J Chen, J Wu, J Konrad, P Ishwar
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Estimating head pose orientation using extremely low resolution images
J Chen, J Wu, K Richter, J Konrad, P Ishwar
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Levitin–Polyak well-posedness by perturbations for systems of set-valued vector quasi-equilibrium problems
JW Chen, Z Wan, YJ Cho
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Approximation of fixed points of weak Bregman relatively nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces
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A novel pyro-hydrochar via sequential carbonization of biomass waste: Preparation, characterization and adsorption capacity
Y Liu, S Ma, J Chen
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Sorption and transport of sulfonamides in soils amended with wheat straw-derived biochar: effects of water pH, coexistence copper ion, and dissolved organic matter
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A field experiment on enhancement of crop yield by rice straw and corn stalk-derived biochar in Northern China
Y Yang, S Ma, Y Zhao, M Jing, Y Xu, J Chen
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One-step synthesis of bentonite-supported nanoscale Fe/Ni bimetals for rapid degradation of methyl orange in water
D Zhao, J Cheng, J Chen
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Vgan-based image representation learning for privacy-preserving facial expression recognition
J Chen, J Konrad, P Ishwar
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2018
Characterizations of set order relations and constrained set optimization problems via oriented distance function
J Chen, QH Ansari, JC Yao
Optimization 66 (11), 1741-1754, 2017
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