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Johanna A. Harvey
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Alıntı yapanlar
Does the niche breadth or trade‐off hypothesis explain the abundance–occupancy relationship in avian Haemosporidia?
SV Drovetski, SA Aghayan, VA Mata, RJ Lopes, NA Mode, JA Harvey, ...
Molecular ecology 23 (13), 3322-3329, 2014
Food Habits of Ocelots and Potential for Competition With Bobcats In Southern Texas
JLM Susan D. Booth-Binczik, Robert D. Bradley, Cody W. Thompson, Louis C ...
The Southwestern Naturalist 58 (4), 403-410, 2013
The changing dynamics of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1: Next steps for management & science in North America
JA Harvey, JM Mullinax, MC Runge, DJ Prosser
Biological Conservation 282, 110041, 2023
Urban living influences the nesting success of Darwin’s finches in the Galápagos Islands
JA Harvey, K Chernicky, SR Simons, TB Verrett, JA Chaves, SA Knutie
Ecology and Evolution 11 (10), 5038-5048, 2021
So similar and yet so different: taxonomic status of Pallid Swift Apus pallidus and Common Swift Apus apus
I Pellegrino, M Cucco, JA Harvey, F Liberatore, M Pavia, G Voelker, ...
Bird Study 64 (3), 344-352, 2017
Diversity and distribution of avian haemosporidians in sub-Saharan Africa: an inter-regional biogeographic overview
DC Outlaw, JA Harvey, SV Drovetski, G Voelker
Parasitology 144 (4), 394-402, 2017
Genetic Structure is Inconsistent with Subspecies Designations in the Western Massasauga Sistrurus tergeminus
WA Ryberg, JA Harvey, A Blick, TJ Hibbitts, G Voelker
Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 6 (2), 350-359, 2015
The systematics and biogeography of the Bearded Greenbuls (Aves: Criniger) reveals the impact of Plio-Pleistocene forest fragmentation on Afro-tropical avian …
JW Huntley, JA Harvey, M Pavia, G Boano, G Voelker
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 183 (3), 672-686, 2018
Avian haemosporidian detection across source materials: prevalence and genetic diversity
JA Harvey, G Voelker
Parasitology research 116, 3361-3371, 2017
Phylogenetic structure of Holbrookia lacerata (Cope 1880)(Squamata: Phrynosomatidae): one species or two
TJ Hibbitts, WA Ryberg, JA Harvey, G Voelker, AM Lawing, CS Adams, ...
Zootaxa 4619 (1), 139-154, 2019
Host associations and climate influence avian haemosporidian distributions in Benin
JA Harvey, G Voelker
International journal for parasitology 49 (1), 27-36, 2019
Effect of introduced parasites on the survival and microbiota of nestling cactus finches (Geospiza scandens) in the Galápagos Islands
AM Addesso, JA Harvey, GJ Vaziri, TB Verrett, L Albert, C Arthur, ...
Journal of Ornithology 161, 1011-1019, 2020
Effect of urbanization and parasitism on the gut microbiota of Darwin's finch nestlings
G Solomon, AC Love, GJ Vaziri, J Harvey, T Verrett, K Chernicky, ...
Molecular Ecology 32 (22), 6059-6069, 2023
Urban living can rescue Darwin's finches from the lethal effects of invasive vampire flies
SA Knutie, CN Webster, GJ Vaziri, L Albert, JA Harvey, M LaRue, ...
Global Change Biology 30 (1), e17145, 2024
Effect of RNA preservation methods on RNA quantity and quality of field-collected avian whole blood
JA Harvey, SA Knutie
Avian Biology Research 16 (2), 51-58, 2023
Avian haemosporidians: detection, host, and climate association across contrasting regions of Africa
JA Harvey
Reframing wildlife disease management problems with decision analysis
MC McEachran, JA Harvey, RO Mummah, MC Bletz, CS Teitelbaum, ...
Conservation Biology, e14284, 2024
Urban living influences the nesting success of Darwin’s finches in the Galápagos Islands
R Hofstetter, R Mathiasen, RD Bradley, CW Thompson, LC Bender, ...
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