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Tanja Lange
Tanja Lange
Professor Cryptology, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, the Netherlands
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Post-quantum cryptography
DJ Bernstein, T Lange
Nature 549 (7671), 188-194, 2017
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H Cohen, G Frey, R Avanzi, C Doche, T Lange, K Nguyen, F Vercauteren
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High-speed high-security signatures
DJ Bernstein, N Duif, T Lange, P Schwabe, BY Yang
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M Abdalla, M Bellare, D Catalano, E Kiltz, T Kohno, T Lange, ...
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Faster addition and doubling on elliptic curves
DJ Bernstein, T Lange
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Twisted edwards curves
DJ Bernstein, P Birkner, M Joye, T Lange, C Peters
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CSIDH: an efficient post-quantum commutative group action
W Castryck, T Lange, C Martindale, L Panny, J Renes
Advances in Cryptology–ASIACRYPT 2018: 24th International Conference on the …, 2018
Attacking and defending the McEliece cryptosystem
DJ Bernstein, T Lange, C Peters
Post-Quantum Cryptography: Second International Workshop, PQCrypto 2008 …, 2008
SPHINCS: practical stateless hash-based signatures
DJ Bernstein, D Hopwood, A Hülsing, T Lange, R Niederhagen, ...
Annual international conference on the theory and applications of …, 2015
Searchable encryption revisited: Consistency properties, relation to anonymous IBE, and extensions
M Abdalla, M Bellare, D Catalano, E Kiltz, T Kohno, T Lange, ...
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NTRU prime: reducing attack surface at low cost
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eBACS: ECRYPT benchmarking of cryptographic systems
DJ Bernstein, T Lange
The security impact of a new cryptographic library
DJ Bernstein, T Lange, P Schwabe
Progress in Cryptology–LATINCRYPT 2012: 2nd International Conference on …, 2012
Explicit-formulas database [Electronic resource]
DJ Bernstein, T Lange
URL: https://hyperelliptic. org/EFD, 2013
SafeCurves: choosing safe curves for elliptic-curve cryptography
DJ Bernstein, T Lange
URL: http://safecurves. cr. yp. to, 2013
Smaller decoding exponents: ball-collision decoding
DJ Bernstein, T Lange, C Peters
Advances in Cryptology–CRYPTO 2011: 31st Annual Cryptology Conference, Santa …, 2011
Flush, gauss, and reload–a cache attack on the bliss lattice-based signature scheme
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International Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, 323-345, 2016
Elligator: elliptic-curve points indistinguishable from uniform random strings
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Binary edwards curves
DJ Bernstein, T Lange, R Rezaeian Farashahi
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Formulae for arithmetic on genus 2 hyperelliptic curves
T Lange
Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing 15, 295-328, 2005
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