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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Could honey have a place in colitis therapy? Effects of honey, prednisolone, and disulfiram on inflammation, nitric oxide, and free radical formation
Y Bilsel, D Bugra, S Yamaner, T Bulut, U Cevikbas, U Turkoglu
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Surgical approach to extensive hidradenitis suppurativa in the perineal/perianal and gluteal regions
E Balik, T Eren, T Bulut, Y Büyükuncu, D Bugra, S Yamaner
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Association of APE1 and hOGG1 polymorphisms with colorectal cancer risk in a Turkish population
E Canbay, B Cakmakoglu, U Zeybek, S Sozen, C Cacina, M Gulluoglu, ...
Current medical research and opinion 27 (7), 1295-1302, 2011
Timing of death from tumor recurrence after curative gastrectomy for gastric cancer
B Sakar, H Karagol, M Gumus, M Basaran, E Kaytan, A Argon, Z Ustuner, ...
American journal of clinical oncology 27 (2), 205-209, 2004
Possible associations of APE1 polymorphism with susceptibility and HOGG1 polymorphism with prognosis in gastric cancer
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Increased lipoperoxide levels and antioxidant system in colorectal cancer
G Özdemirler, H Pabuççuogˇlu, T Bulut, D Bugˇra, M Uysal, G Toker
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Clinical and therapeutic considerations of rectal lymphoma: a case report and literature review
Y Bilsel, E Balik, S Yamaner, D Bugra
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ERCP in the diagnosis and management of complications after surgery for hepatic echinococcosis
Y Bilsel, T Bulut, S Yamaner, Y Buyukuncu, D Bugra, A Akyuz, N Sokucu
Gastrointestinal endoscopy 57 (2), 210-213, 2003
Fourth versus eighth week surgery after neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy in T3-4/N0+ rectal cancer: Istanbul R-01 study
S Saglam, D Bugra, EK Saglam, O Asoglu, E Balik, S Yamaner, ...
Journal of gastrointestinal oncology 5 (1), 9, 2014
A surgical approach to anogenital Buschke Loewenstein tumours (giant condyloma acuminata)
E Balik, T Eren, D Bugra
Acta Chirurgica Belgica 109 (5), 612-616, 2009
Endoscopic diagnosis and management of complications following surgery for gallstones
S Yamaner, Y Bilsel, T Bulut, D Bugra, Y Buyukuncu, A Akyuz, N Sokucu
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Effects of octreotide on healing of intestinal anastomosis following small bowel obstruction in rats
S Yamaner, D Bugra, M Müslümanoglu, T Bulut, O Çubukçu, E Ademoglu
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False aneurysm of the hepatic artery after laparoscopic cholecystectomy
T Bulut, S Yamaner, D Bugra, A Akyuz, K Acarli, A Poyanli
Acta Chirurgica Belgica 102 (6), 459-463, 2002
Effects of surgical laparoscopic experience on the short-term postoperative outcome of rectal cancer: results of a high volume single center institution
E Balik, O Asoglu, S Saglam, S Yamaner, A Akyuz, Y Buyukuncu, ...
Surgical Laparoscopy Endoscopy & Percutaneous Techniques 20 (2), 93-99, 2010
Robotic complete mesocolic excision versus conventional laparoscopic hemicolectomy for right-sided colon cancer
TK Yozgatli, E Aytac, V Ozben, O Bayram, B Gurbuz, B Baca, E Balik, ...
Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques 29 (5), 671-676, 2019
Adjuvant intraperitoneal chemotherapy with cisplatinum, mitoxantrone, 5-fluorouracil, and calcium folinate in patients with gastric cancer: a phase II study
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Laparoscopic surgery for rectal cancer: outcomes in 513 patients
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World journal of surgery 37 (4), 883-892, 2013
Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) in children and adolescents: experience in a single institution
ÇU Durakbasa, E Balik, S Yamaner, T Bulut, Y Büyükuncu, N Sökücü, ...
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Kisspeptin-54 levels are increased in patients with colorectal cancer
E Canbay, A Ergen, D Bugra, S Yamaner, IY Eraltan, Y Buyukuncu, ...
World journal of surgery 36 (9), 2218-2224, 2012
PPAR-gamma Pro12Ala polymorphism and gastric cancer risk in a Turkish population
E Canbay, O Kurnaz, B Canbay, D Bugra, B Cakmakoglu, T Bulut, ...
Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 13 (11), 5875-5878, 2012
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