Hans-Martin Adorf
Hans-Martin Adorf
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The Hubble Deep Field: Observations, data reduction, and galaxy photometry
RE Williams
arXiv preprint astro-ph/9607174, 1996
The Hubble Deep Field: Observations, Data Reduction, and Galaxy Photometry
Astronomical Journal 112, 1335, 1996
Properties of the SN 1987A circumstellar ring and the distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud
N Panagia, R Gilmozzi, F Macchetto, HM Adorf, RP Kirshner
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Radio-loud narrow-line type 1 quasars
S Komossa, W Voges, D Xu, S Mathur, HM Adorf, G Lemson, WJ Duschl, ...
The Astronomical Journal 132 (2), 531, 2006
A discrete stochastic neural network algorithm for constraint satisfaction problems
HM Adorf, MD Johnston
1990 IJCNN International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 917-924, 1990
Rosat all sky survey observations of iras galaxies
T Boller, EJA Meurs, W Brinkmann, H Fink, U Zimmermann, HM Adorf
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Scheduling with neural networks—the case of the Hubble Space Telescope
MD Johnston, HM Adorf
Computers & operations research 19 (3-4), 209-240, 1992
Interpolation of Irregularly Sampled Data Series---A Survey
HM Adorf
Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV 77, 460, 1995
Hubble space telescope image restoration in its fourth year
HM Adorf
Inverse Problems 11 (4), 639, 1995
Grid-based data stream processing in e-science
R Kuntschke, T Scholl, S Huber, A Kemper, A Reiser, HM Adorf, ...
2006 Second IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing (e …, 2006
AstroWeb. A database of links to astronomy resources.(Announcement of a database).
R Jackson, D Wells, HM Adorf, D Egret, A Heck, A Koekemoer, F Murtagh
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Learning in stochastic neural networks for constraint satisfaction problems
MD Johnston, HM Adorf
Towards HST restoration with a space-variant PSF, cosmic rays and other missing data
HM Adorf
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Accelerating the Richardson-Lucy restoration algorithm
HM Adorf, RN Hook, LB Lucy, FD Murtagh
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Young stellar objects in the IRAS Point Source Catalog
T Prusti, HM Adorf, EJA Meurs
Astronomy and Astrophysics 261, 685-693, 1992
The radio-loud narrow-line quasar SDSS J172206. 03+ 565451.6
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High-resolution imaging of the Pluto-Charon system with the Faint Object Camera of the Hubble Space Telescope
R Albrecht, C Barbieri, HM Adorf, G Corrain, A Gemmo, P Greenfield, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 435, L75-L78, 1994
Connectionism and neural networks
HM Adorf
Knowledge-Based Systems in Astronomy, 213-245, 1989
HST image restoration developments at the ST‐ECF
HM Adorf, RN Hook, LB Lucy
International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology 6 (4), 339-349, 1995
Limits to the precision of joint flux and position measurements on array data
HM Adorf
Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V 101, 13, 1996
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