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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Spatio-temporal coherence of free electron laser pulses in the soft x-ray regime
R Mitzner, B Siemer, M Neeb, T Noll, F Siewert, S Roling, M Rutkowski, ...
Optics express 16 (24), 19909-19919, 2008
Direct autocorrelation of soft-x-ray free-electron-laser pulses by time-resolved two-photon double ionization of He
R Mitzner, AA Sorokin, B Siemer, S Roling, M Rutkowski, H Zacharias, ...
Physical Review A 80 (2), 025402, 2009
Sequential femtosecond X-ray imaging
CM Günther, B Pfau, R Mitzner, B Siemer, S Roling, H Zacharias, O Kutz, ...
Nature Photonics 5 (2), 99-102, 2011
Temporal and spatial coherence properties of free-electron-laser pulses in the extreme ultraviolet regime
S Roling, B Siemer, M Wöstmann, H Zacharias, R Mitzner, A Singer, ...
Physical Review Special Topics-Accelerators and Beams 14 (8), 080701, 2011
Resolving ultrafast heating of dense cryogenic hydrogen
U Zastrau, P Sperling, M Harmand, A Becker, T Bornath, R Bredow, ...
Physical review letters 112 (10), 105002, 2014
The XUV split-and-delay unit at beamline BL2 at FLASH
M Wöstmann, R Mitzner, T Noll, S Roling, B Siemer, F Siewert, ...
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 46 (16), 164005, 2013
Ionization dynamics in expanding clusters studied by XUV pump–probe spectroscopy
M Krikunova, M Adolph, T Gorkhover, D Rupp, S Schorb, C Bostedt, ...
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 45 (10), 105101, 2012
Femtosecond pulse x-ray imaging with a large field of view
B Pfau, CM Günther, S Schaffert, R Mitzner, B Siemer, S Roling, ...
New Journal of Physics 12 (9), 095006, 2010
Design of an X-ray split-and delay-unit for the European XFEL
S Roling, L Samoylova, B Siemer, H Sinn, F Siewert, F Wahlert, ...
X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers: Beam Diagnostics, Beamline Instrumentation, and …, 2012
Time-dependent wave front propagation simulation of a hard x-ray split-and-delay unit: Towards a measurement of the temporal coherence properties of x-ray free electron lasers
S Roling, H Zacharias, L Samoylova, H Sinn, T Tschentscher, O Chubar, ...
Physical Review Special Topics-Accelerators and Beams 17 (11), 110705, 2014
Recombination-enhanced surface expansion of clusters in intense soft x-ray laser pulses
D Rupp, L Flückiger, M Adolph, T Gorkhover, M Krikunova, JP Müller, ...
Physical review letters 117 (15), 153401, 2016
Equilibration dynamics and conductivity of warm dense hydrogen
U Zastrau, P Sperling, A Becker, T Bornath, R Bredow, T Doeppner, ...
Physical Review E 90 (1), 013104, 2014
Nonlinear coherence effects in transient-absorption ion spectroscopy with stochastic extreme-ultraviolet free-electron laser pulses
T Ding, M Rebholz, L Aufleger, M Hartmann, K Meyer, V Stooß, ...
Physical review letters 123 (10), 103001, 2019
Explosion dynamics of sucrose nanospheres monitored by time of flight spectrometry and coherent diffractive imaging at the split-and-delay beam line of the FLASH soft X-ray laser
AD Rath, N Timneanu, FRNC Maia, J Bielecki, H Fleckenstein, B Iwan, ...
Optics express 22 (23), 28914-28925, 2014
Tunable two-color hard x-ray multilayer Bragg mirrors
S Roling, S Braun, P Gawlitza, M Wöstmann, E Ziegler, H Zacharias
Optics letters 39 (9), 2782-2785, 2014
A sensitive EUV Schwarzschild microscope for plasma studies with sub-micrometer resolution
U Zastrau, C Rödel, M Nakatsutsumi, T Feigl, K Appel, B Chen, T Döppner, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 89 (2), 023703, 2018
Time-resolved xuv opacity measurements of warm dense aluminum
SM Vinko, V Vozda, J Andreasson, S Bajt, J Bielecki, T Burian, ...
Physical review letters 124 (22), 225002, 2020
Probing the non-equilibrium transient state in magnetite by a jitter-free two-color X-ray pump and X-ray probe experiment
N Pontius, M Beye, C Trabant, R Mitzner, F Sorgenfrei, T Kachel, ...
Structural Dynamics 5 (5), 054501, 2018
Free-electron laser induced processes in thin molecular ice
B Siemer, S Roling, R Frigge, T Hoger, R Mitzner, H Zacharias
Faraday discussions 168, 553-569, 2014
A split-and delay-unit for the European XFEL
S Roling, S Braun, P Gawlitza, L Samoylova, B Siemer, H Sinn, F Siewert, ...
Advances in X-ray Free-Electron Lasers II: Instrumentation 8778, 87781G, 2013
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