Vladimir Badovinac
Vladimir Badovinac
Department of Pathology and Department of Microbiology & Immunology
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Programmed contraction of CD8+ T cells after infection
VP Badovinac, BB Porter, JT Harty
Nature immunology 3 (7), 619-626, 2002
Shaping and reshaping CD8+ T-cell memory
JT Harty, VP Badovinac
Nature Reviews Immunology 8 (2), 107-119, 2008
Regulation of antigen-specific CD8+ T cell homeostasis by perforin and interferon-γ
VP Badovinac, AR Tvinnereim, JT Harty
Science 290 (5495), 1354-1357, 2000
Accelerated CD8+ T-cell memory and prime-boost response after dendritic-cell vaccination
VP Badovinac, KAN Messingham, A Jabbari, JS Haring, JT Harty
Nature medicine 11 (7), 748-756, 2005
Initial T cell receptor transgenic cell precursor frequency dictates critical aspects of the CD8+ T cell response to infection
VP Badovinac, JS Haring, JT Harty
Immunity 26 (6), 827-841, 2007
Differentiation and persistence of memory CD8+ T cells depend on T cell factor 1
X Zhou, S Yu, DM Zhao, JT Harty, VP Badovinac, HH Xue
Immunity 33 (2), 229-240, 2010
CD8+ T cell contraction is controlled by early inflammation
VP Badovinac, BB Porter, JT Harty
Nature immunology 5 (8), 809-817, 2004
Inflaming the CD8+ T cell response
JS Haring, VP Badovinac, JT Harty
Immunity 25 (1), 19-29, 2006
Memory CD8 T cell responses exceeding a large but definable threshold provide long-term immunity to malaria
NW Schmidt, RL Podyminogin, NS Butler, VP Badovinac, BJ Tucker, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (37), 14017-14022, 2008
Repetitive antigen stimulation induces stepwise transcriptome diversification but preserves a core signature of memory CD8+ T cell differentiation
TC Wirth, HH Xue, D Rai, JT Sabel, T Bair, JT Harty, VP Badovinac
Immunity 33 (1), 128-140, 2010
Programming, demarcating, and manipulating CD8+ T‐cell memory
VP Badovinac, JT Harty
Immunological reviews 211 (1), 67-80, 2006
Extreme CD8 T cell requirements for anti-malarial liver-stage immunity following immunization with radiation attenuated sporozoites
NW Schmidt, NS Butler, VP Badovinac, JT Harty
PLoS Pathog 6 (7), e1000998, 2010
Tracking the total CD8 T cell response to infection reveals substantial discordance in magnitude and kinetics between inbred and outbred hosts
D Rai, NLL Pham, JT Harty, VP Badovinac
The Journal of Immunology 183 (12), 7672-7681, 2009
Constitutive activation of Wnt signaling favors generation of memory CD8 T cells
DM Zhao, S Yu, X Zhou, JS Haring, W Held, VP Badovinac, JT Harty, ...
The Journal of Immunology 184 (3), 1191-1199, 2010
Regulation of CD8+ T cells undergoing primary and secondary responses to infection in the same host
VP Badovinac, KAN Messingham, SE Hamilton, JT Harty
The Journal of Immunology 170 (10), 4933-4942, 2003
Manipulating the rate of memory CD8+ T cell generation after acute infection
VP Badovinac, JT Harty
The Journal of Immunology 179 (1), 53-63, 2007
Influence of effector molecules on the CD8+ T cell response to infection
JT Harty, VP Badovinac
Current opinion in immunology 14 (3), 360-365, 2002
A default pathway of memory CD8 T cell differentiation after dendritic cell immunization is deflected by encounter with inflammatory cytokines during antigen-driven proliferation
NLL Pham, VP Badovinac, JT Harty
The Journal of Immunology 183 (4), 2337-2348, 2009
Viral infection results in massive CD8+ T cell expansion and mortality in vaccinated perforin-deficient mice
VP Badovinac, SE Hamilton, JT Harty
Immunity 18 (4), 463-474, 2003
Impact of sepsis on CD4 T cell immunity
J Cabrera‐Perez, SA Condotta, VP Badovinac, TS Griffith
Journal of leukocyte biology 96 (5), 767-777, 2014
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