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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Pharmaceutical and biomaterial engineering via electrohydrodynamic atomization technologies
P Mehta, R Haj-Ahmad, M Rasekh, MS Arshad, A Smith, ...
Drug Discovery Today 22 (1), 157-165, 2017
Microneedle coating techniques for transdermal drug delivery
R Haj-Ahmad, H Khan, MS Arshad, M Rasekh, A Hussain, S Walsh, X Li, ...
Pharmaceutics 7 (4), 486-502, 2015
Development of solid dispersions of artemisinin for transdermal delivery
Y Shahzad, S Sohail, MS Arshad, T Hussain, SNH Shah
International journal of pharmaceutics 457 (1), 197-205, 2013
Development and characterisation of electrospun timolol maleate-loaded polymeric contact lens coatings containing various permeation enhancers
P Mehta, AA Al-Kinani, MS Arshad, MW Chang, RG Alany, Z Ahmad
International journal of pharmaceutics 532 (1), 408-420, 2017
Porous inorganic drug delivery systems—a review
E Sayed, R Haj-Ahmad, K Ruparelia, MS Arshad, MW Chang, Z Ahmad
Aaps Pharmscitech 18 (5), 1507-1525, 2017
Development and characterisation of cellulose based electrospun mats for buccal delivery of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)
K Nazari, E Kontogiannidou, RH Ahmad, A Gratsani, M Rasekh, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 102, 147-155, 2017
Process understanding in freeze-drying cycle development: applications for through-vial impedance spectroscopy (TVIS) in mini-pilot studies
G Smith, MS Arshad, E Polygalov, I Ermolina, TR McCoy, P Matejtschuk
Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation 12 (1), 26-40, 2017
Broad scale and structure fabrication of healthcare materials for drug and emerging therapies via electrohydrodynamic techniques
P Mehta, A Zaman, A Smith, M Rasekh, R Haj‐Ahmad, MS Arshad, ...
Advanced Therapeutics 2 (4), 1800024, 2019
An impedance-based process analytical technology for monitoring the lyophilisation process
G Smith, E Polygalov, MS Arshad, T Page, J Taylor, I Ermolina
International journal of pharmaceutics 449 (1-2), 72-83, 2013
Electrically atomised formulations of timolol maleate for direct and on-demand ocular lens coatings
P Mehta, AA Al-Kinani, R Haj-Ahmad, MS Arshad, MW Chang, RG Alany, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 119, 170-184, 2017
Through-vial impedance spectroscopy of critical events during the freezing stage of the lyophilization cycle: the example of the impact of sucrose on the crystallization of …
MS Arshad, G Smith, E Polygalov, I Ermolina
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 87 (3), 598-605, 2014
Formulation and evaluation of anti-rheumatic dexibuprofen transdermal patches: a quality-by-design approach
M Akhlaq, MS Arshad, AM Mudassir, A Hussain, I Kucuk, R Haj-Ahmad, ...
Journal of drug targeting 24 (7), 603-612, 2016
Through-vial impedance spectroscopy of the mechanisms of annealing in the freeze-drying of maltodextrin: the impact of annealing hold time and temperature on the primary drying …
G Smith, MS Arshad, E Polygalov, I Ermolina
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 103 (6), 1799-1810, 2014
Personalized 3D printed ciprofloxacin impregnated meshes for the management of hernia
N Qamar, N Abbas, M Irfan, A Hussain, MS Arshad, S Latif, F Mehmood, ...
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 53, 101164, 2019
Approaches in topical ocular drug delivery and developments in the use of contact lenses as drug-delivery devices
P Mehta, R Haj-Ahmad, A Al-Kinani, MS Arshad, MW Chang, RG Alany, ...
Therapeutic delivery 8 (7), 521-541, 2017
An application for impedance spectroscopy in the characterisation of the glass transition during the lyophilization cycle: the example of a 10% w/v maltodextrin solution
G Smith, MS Arshad, E Polygalov, I Ermolina
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 85 (3), 1130-1140, 2013
Transdermal microneedles—a materials perspective
R Ali, P Mehta, MS Arshad, I Kucuk, MW Chang, Z Ahmad
Aaps Pharmscitech 21 (1), 12, 2020
Engineering and development of chitosan-based Nanocoatings for Ocular Contact Lenses
P Mehta, AA Al-Kinani, MS Arshad, N Singh, SM van der Merwe, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 108 (4), 1540-1551, 2019
Formulation parameters affecting floating behaviour and drug release from extended release floating tablets of ranitidine Hydrochloride
M Irfan, A Akram, AF Zahoor, MI Qadir, A Hussain, N Abbas, A Khan, ...
Lat Am J Pharm 35 (sup 1), 1206-16, 2016
New platforms for multi-functional ocular lenses: engineering double-sided functionalized nano-coatings
P Mehta, L Justo, S Walsh, MS Arshad, CG Wilson, CK O’Sullivan, ...
Journal of drug targeting 23 (4), 305-310, 2015
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