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Michael Herzog
Michael Herzog
EPFL, Switzerland
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Top-down information and models of perceptual learning
MH Herzog, M Fahle
The role of feedback in learning a vernier discrimination task
MH Herzog, M Fahle
Vision research 37 (15), 2133-2141, 1997
Time slices: what is the duration of a percept?
MH Herzog, T Kammer, F Scharnowski
PLoS biology 14 (4), e1002433, 2016
Grouping, pooling, and when bigger is better in visual crowding
M Manassi, B Sayim, MH Herzog
Journal of Vision 12 (10), 13-13, 2012
EEG microstates are a candidate endophenotype for schizophrenia
JR da Cruz, O Favrod, M Roinishvili, E Chkonia, A Brand, C Mohr, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 3089, 2020
Global stimulus configuration modulates crowding
TP Saarela, B Sayim, G Westheimer, MH Herzog
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Crowding, grouping, and object recognition: A matter of appearance
MH Herzog, B Sayim, V Chicherov, M Manassi
Journal of vision 15 (6), 5-5, 2015
About individual differences in vision
L Grzeczkowski, AM Clarke, G Francis, FW Mast, MH Herzog
Vision research 141, 282-292, 2017
Seeing properties of an invisible object: Feature inheritance and shine-through
MH Herzog, C Koch
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98 (7), 4271-4275, 2001
Hard criteria for empirical theories of consciousness
A Doerig, A Schurger, MH Herzog
Cognitive neuroscience 12 (2), 41-62, 2021
Grouping of contextual elements that affect vernier thresholds
M Malania, MH Herzog, G Westheimer
Journal of Vision 7 (2), 1-1, 2007
The unfolding argument: Why IIT and other causal structure theories cannot explain consciousness
A Doerig, A Schurger, K Hess, MH Herzog
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When crowding of crowding leads to uncrowding
M Manassi, B Sayim, MH Herzog
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Modeling perceptual learning: Difficulties and how they can be overcome
MH Herzog, M Fahle
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Human perceptual learning by mental imagery
EM Tartaglia, L Bamert, FW Mast, MH Herzog
Current Biology 19 (24), 2081-2085, 2009
Gestalt factors modulate basic spatial vision
B Sayim, G Westheimer, MH Herzog
Psychological Science 21 (5), 641-644, 2010
Perceptual learning with Chevrons requires a minimal number of trials, transfers to untrained directions, but does not require sleep
KC Aberg, EM Tartaglia, MH Herzog
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Sex-related differences in vision are heterogeneous
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TU Otto, H Ögmen, MH Herzog
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Effects of grouping in contextual modulation
MH Herzog, M Fahle
Nature 415 (6870), 433-436, 2002
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