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Development and characterization of rapid dissolving ornidazole loaded PVP electrospun fibers
S Tort, A Yildiz, F Tugcu-Demiroz, G Akca, O Kuzukiran, F Acarturk
Determination of selected endocrine disruptors in organic, free-range, and battery-produced hen eggs and risk assessment
O Kuzukiran, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, S Sevin, UT Sireli, G Iplikcioglu-Cil, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25 (35), 35376-35386, 2018
Determination of polychlorinated biphenyls in marine sediments by ultrasound-assisted isolation and dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction and gas chromatography–mass …
O Kuzukiran, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, A Filazi, S Sevin, FG Aydin, H Tutun
Analytical letters 49 (15), 2525-2536, 2016
In Vitro Effects of Phthalate Mixtures on Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines
B Yurdakok-Dikmen, M Alpay, G Kismali, A Filazi, O Kuzukiran, UT Sireli
Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology 34 (2), 2015
Analytical method development and validation for some persistent organic pollutants in water and sediments by gas chromatography mass spectrometry
O Kuzukiran, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, FE Totan, C Celik, EC Orhan, EK Bilir, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research 10 (3), 401-410, 2016
Determination of phthalate residues in different types of yogurt by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and estimation of yogurt-related intake of phthalates
UT Sireli, A Filazi, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, G Iplikcioglu-Cil, O Kuzukiran, ...
Food Analytical Methods 10 (9), 3052-3062, 2017
Determination of selected polychlorinated biphenyl residues in meat products by QuEChERS method coupled with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry
O Kuzukiran, A Filazi
Food Analytical Methods 9 (7), 1867-1875, 2016
Selected persistent organic pollutants levels in the Ankara River by months
S Sevin, O Kuzukiran, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, H Tutun, FG Aydin, A Filazi
Environmental monitoring and assessment 190 (12), 1-7, 2018
Phthalate induced toxicity in prostate cancer cell lines and effects of alpha lipoic acid.
G Kismali, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, O Kuzukiran, P Arslan, A Filazi
Bratislavske Lekarske Listy 118 (8), 460-466, 2017
Measurement of selected polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in water via ultrasound assisted emulsification–microextraction (USAEME) using low-density organic solvents
B Yurdakok-Dikmen, O Kuzukiran, A Filazi, E Kara
Journal of Water and Health 14 (2), 214-222, 2016
Chemical contaminants in poultry meat and products
A Filazi, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, O Kuzukiran, UT Sireli
Poult Sci 15, 171, 2017
Mycotoxins in poultry
A Filazi, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, O Kuzukiran, UT Sireli
Poultry Science, 73-92, 2017
The determination of β‐agonist residues in bovine tissues using liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry
Y Yikilmaz, O Kuzukiran, E Erdogan, F Sen, O Kirmizibayrak, A Filazi
Biomedical Chromatography 34 (10), e4926, 2020
Effects of phthalates on bovine primary testicular culture and spermatozoa
B Yurdakok-Dikmen, C Stelletta, K Tekin, O Kuzukiran, A Daskin, A Filazi
Cytotechnology 71 (5), 935-947, 2019
Unio sp. primary cell culture potential in ecotoxicology research
B Yurdakök-Dikmen, P Arslan, Ö Kuzukıran, A Filazi, F Erkoç
Toxin Reviews 37 (1), 75-81, 2018
Multiresidues of environmental contaminants in bats from Turkey
O Kuzukiran, I Simsek, T Yorulmaz, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, O Ozkan, ...
Chemosphere 282, 131022, 2021
Effects of acetamiprid and flumethrin on Unio sp. primary cells
P Arslan, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, O Kuzukiran, SC Ozeren, A Filazı
Biologia 76 (4), 1359-1365, 2021
Antibiotic resistance in poultry
A Filazi, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, O Kuzukiran
Turkiye Klinikleri J Vet Sci Pharmacol Toxicol-Special Topics 1 (2), 42-51, 2015
Kanatlılarda antibiyotik direnci
A Filazi, B Dikmen, Ö Kuzukıran
Turkiye Klinikleri J Vet Sci Pharmacol Toxicol-Special Topics 1 (2), 42-51, 2015
Comparison of selected lipophilic compound residues in honey and propolis
I Simsek, O Kuzukiran, B Yurdakok-Dikmen, UT Sireli, M Beykaya, A Filazi
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 102, 104068, 2021
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