Gao Huijun
Gao Huijun
Professor of Control Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A Draft Sequence of the Rice Genome (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica)
GKS Wong, S Li, B Liu, Y Deng, L Dai, Y Zhou, X Zhang, M Cao, J Liu, ...
Science, 0
A new delay system approach to network-based control
H Gao, T Chen, J Lam
Automatica 44 (1), 39-52, 2008
Network-induced constraints in networked control systems—a survey
L Zhang, H Gao, O Kaynak
Industrial Informatics, IEEE Transactions on 9 (1), 403-416, 2013
Data-based techniques focused on modern industry: an overview
S Yin, X Li, H Gao, O Kaynak
IEEE, 2014
New results on stability of discrete-time systems with time-varying state delay
H Gao, T Chen
Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on 52 (2), 328-334, 2007
H∞ estimation for uncertain systems with limited communication capacity
H Gao, T Chen
Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on 52 (11), 2070-2084, 2007
Asynchronously switched control of switched linear systems with average dwell time
L Zhang, H Gao
Automatica 46 (5), 953-958, 2010
State estimation and sliding-mode control of Markovian jump singular systems
L Wu, P Shi, H Gao
Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on 55 (5), 1213-1219, 2010
On robust stabilization of Markovian jump systems with uncertain switching probabilities
J Xiong, J Lam, H Gao, DWC Ho
Automatica 41 (5), 897-903, 2005
Reliable fuzzy control for active suspension systems with actuator delay and fault
H Li, H Liu, H Gao, P Shi
Fuzzy Systems, IEEE Transactions on 20 (2), 342-357, 2012
Fault-tolerant control of Markovian jump stochastic systems via the augmented sliding mode observer approach
H Li, H Gao, P Shi, X Zhao
Automatica 50 (7), 1825-1834, 2014
Delay-dependent output-feedback stabilisation of discrete-time systems with time-varying state delay
H Gao, J Lam, C Wang, Y Wang
IEE Proceedings-Control Theory and Applications 151 (6), 691-698, 2004
A delay-dependent approach to robust H∞ filtering for uncertain discrete-time state-delayed systems
H Gao, C Wang
Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on 52 (6), 1631-1640, 2004
Network-based output tracking control
H Gao, T Chen
Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on 53 (3), 655-667, 2008
New delay-dependent exponential synchronization for uncertain neural networks with mixed time delays
HR Karimi, H Gao
Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics, IEEE Transactions on 40 …, 2010
Finite frequency control for vehicle active suspension systems
W Sun, H Gao, O Kaynak
Control Systems Technology, IEEE Transactions on 19 (2), 416-422, 2011
Stability analysis for continuous systems with two additive time-varying delay components
J Lam, H Gao, C Wang
Systems & Control Letters 56 (1), 16-24, 2007
Stabilization of Networked Control Systems With a New Delay Characterization.
H Gao, X Meng, T Chen
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 53 (9), 2142, 2008
H∞ filtering for 2D Markovian jump systems
L Wu, P Shi, H Gao, C Wang
Automatica 44 (7), 1849-1858, 2008
Distributed H∞ filtering for a class of Markovian jump nonlinear time-delay systems over lossy sensor networks
H Dong, Z Wang, H Gao
Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on 60 (10), 4665-4672, 2013
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