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Meltem S. Ucal
Meltem S. Ucal
Professor of Economics, Kadir Has University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The Role of Trade and FDI for CO2 Emissions in Turkey: Nonlinear Relationships
AA Haug, M Ucal
Energy Economics, 2019
Foreign direct investment, exports and output growth of Turkey: Causality analysis
AA Alıcı, MŞ Ucal
European Trade Study Group (ETSG) fifth annual conference, Madrid, 11-13, 2003
The Personality and Leadership Style of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: Implications for Turkish Foreign Policy
AŞ Görener, MS Ucal
Turkish Studies 12 (3), 2011
Panel data analysis of foreign direct investment and poverty from the perspective of developing countries
MS Ucal
Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 109, 1101-1105, 2014
Relationship between financial crisis and foreign direct investment in developing countries using semiparametric regression approach
M Ucal, KM Özcan, MH Bilgin, J Mungo
Journal of Business Economics and Management 11 (1), 20-33, 2010
Income Inequality and FDI:evidence with Turkish Data
M Ucal, A Haug, M Bilgin
Applied Economics, 2015
Multidirectional relationship between energy resources, climate changes and sustainable development: Technoeconomic analysis
M Ucal, G Xydis
Sustainable Cities and Society 60, 102210, 2020
Ekonometrik Model Seçim Kriterleri Üzerine Kisa Bir İnceleme
MŞ Ucal
CÜ İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi 7 (2), 41-57, 2006
Turkish Public Preferences for Energy
VŞ Ediger, G Kirkil, E Çelebi, M Ucal, Ç Kentmen-Çin
Energy Policy, 492-502, 2018
Energy and environmental security in developing countries
M Asif
Springer, 2021
Macroeconomic Factors Affecting Real Estate Markets in Turkey: A VAR Analysis Approach.
MS Ucal, G Gökkent
Briefing Notes in Economics 80 (March/April), 2009
Female employment status: a survey analysis of selected member states of the Arab League
M Ucal, S Günay
Eurasian Economic Review, 1-22, 2018
Is fiscal policy sustainable in Turkey?
M Ucal, A Alici
Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 46 (sup1), 83-93, 2010
Gender and the Wage Gap in Turkish Academia
M Ucal, M O'neil, Ş Toktaş
Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies 17 (4), 447-464, 2015
Energy-saving behavior of Turkish women: A consumer survey on the use of home appliances
M Ucal
Energy & Environment 28 (7), 775-807, 2017
Effects of gender on credit card usage among university students in Turkey
MŞ Ucal, M O'Neil, S Cankaya
The solvency ratio of external debt (SRED) as an indicator of debt crisis: the case of Turkey
M Ucal, S Oksay
Institutional Journal of Economic Research 2 (1), 166-172, 2011
A dynamic game theory model for tourism supply chains
K Keskin, M Ucal
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research 45 (2), 304-324, 2021
Modeling and forecasting the demand for industrial roundwood in Turkey: A primary econometric approach
B Kayacan, MŞ Ucal, A Öztürk, R Balı, S Koçer, E Kaplan
Journal Of Food Agriculture & Environment 10, 1127-1132, 2012
Nothing ventured nothing gained: gender differences in financial risk behavior among Turkish University Students
S Çankaya, M Ucal, ML O’Neil
International Journal Of Economics And Finance Studies 5 (1), 322-334, 2013
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