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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Advantages and challenges associated with augmented reality for education: A systematic review of the literature
M Akçayır, G Akçayır
Educational Research Review, 2017
The flipped classroom: A review of its advantages and challenges
G Akçayır, M Akçayır
Computers & Education 126, 334-345, 2018
Augmented reality in science laboratories: The effects of augmented reality on university students’ laboratory skills and attitudes toward science laboratories
M Akçayır, G Akçayır, HM Pektaş, MA Ocak
Computers in Human Behavior 57, 334-342, 2016
What makes you a digital native? Is it enough to be born after 1980?
M Akçayır, H Dündar, G Akçayır
Computers in Human Behavior 60, 435-440, 2016
Why do faculty members use or not use social networking sites for education?
G Akçayır
Computers in human behavior 71, 378-385, 2017
Research trends in social network sites’ educational use: a review of publications in all SSCI journals to 2015
G Akçayır, M Akçayır
Review of Education 4 (3), 293-319, 2016
University Students’ Opinions about Use of Augmented Reality in Foreign Language Teaching
M Akçayır, G Akçayır
Erzincan University Journal of Education Faculty 18 (2), 1169-1186, 2016
Using technology in special education: Current practices and trends
OA Olakanmi, G Akcayir, OM Ishola, C Demmans Epp
Educational Technology Research and Development 68 (4), 1711-1738, 2020
Think twice: exploring the effect of reflective practices with peer review on reflective writing and writing quality in computer-science education
C Demmans Epp, G Akcayir, K Phirangee
Reflective Practice 20 (4), 533-547, 2019
A Qualitative Study on Efficiency of Reverse Brainstorming to Develop Creative Thinking Skills
S Karataş, G Akçayır, ET Gün
Eğitim Teknolojisi Kuram ve Uygulama 6 (1), 42-58, 2016
The Effect of Augmented Reality Applications in Foreign Language Learning on Vocabulary Learning and Retention
M Akçayir, G Akçayir
Kafkas University Journal of the Institute of Social Sciences, 331-345, 2016
Accommodating Indigenous People When Using Technology to Learn Their Ancestral Language
D Lothian, G Akçayır, C Demmans Epp
International Workshop on Supporting Lifelong Learning co-located with the …, 2019
SoundHunters: Increasing learner phonological awareness in Plains Cree
D Lothian, G Akcayir, A Sparrow, O Mcleod, C Demmans Epp
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, 346-359, 2020
Pekta?, HM, & Ocak, MA (2016). Augmented reality in science laboratories: The effects of augmented reality on university students’ laboratory skills and attitudes toward …
M Akçayir, G Akçayir
Computers in Human Behavior 57, 334-342, 0
Designing, Deploying, and Evaluating Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education
G Akcayir, C Demmans Epp
IGI Global, 2020
Mature ELLs’ Perceptions Towards Automated and Peer Writing Feedback
A Liaqat, G Akcayir, C Demmans Epp, C Munteanu
European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, 266-279, 2019
Internet Use for Educational Purposes: University Students’ Attitudes and Opinions About Copyrights
M Akçayır, G Akçayır
Eğitim Teknolojisi Kuram ve Uygulama 7 (1), 2017
Learning analytics dashboard use in online courses: Why and how instructors interpret discussion data
G Akcayir, L Farias Wanderley, C Demmans Epp, J Hewitt, ...
Visualizations and Dashboards for Learning Analytics, 371-397, 2021
Two case studies of online discussion use in computer science education: deep vs. shallow integration and recommendations
G Akcayir, Z Chen, CD Epp, V Pandeliev, C Munteanu
Handbook of Research on Online Discussion-Based Teaching Methods, 409-434, 2020
Exploring Augmented Reality Games in Accessible Learning: A Systematic Review
M Cai, G Akcayir, CD Epp
arXiv preprint arXiv:2111.08214, 2021
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