Tolga Akis
Tolga Akis
Professor of Civil Engineering, Atilim University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
On the plane strain and plane stress solutions of functionally graded rotating solid shaft and solid disk problems
AN Eraslan, T Akis
Acta Mechanica 181 (1), 43-63, 2006
Plane strain analytical solutions for a functionally graded elastic–plastic pressurized tube
AN Eraslan, T Akis
International journal of pressure vessels and piping 83 (9), 635-644, 2006
Pull-out behavior of prestressing strands in steel fiber reinforced concrete
E Baran, T Akis, S Yesilmen
Construction and Building Materials 28 (1), 362-371, 2012
Elastoplastic analysis of functionally graded spherical pressure vessels
T Akis
Computational Materials Science 46 (2), 545-554, 2009
Exact solution of rotating FGM shaft problem in the elastoplastic state of stress
T Akis, AN Eraslan
Archive of Applied Mechanics 77 (10), 745-765, 2007
Experimental and analytical investigation of the mechanics of crawl stroke swimming
T Akis, Y Orcan
Mechanics Research Communications 31 (2), 243-261, 2004
Elastoplastic response of a long functionally graded tube subjected to internal pressure
AN Eraslan, T AKIŞ
Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences 29 (6), 361-368, 2005
The stress response and onset of yield of rotating FGM hollow shafts
T Akis, AN Eraslan
Acta Mechanica 187 (1), 169-187, 2006
On the elastic–plastic deformation of a rotating disk subjected to a radial temperature gradient
AN Eraslan, T Akis
Mechanics based design of structures and machines 31 (4), 529-561, 2003
Deformation analysis of elastic-plastic two layer tubes subject to pressure: an analytical approach
AN Eraslan, T AKIŞ
Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences 28 (4), 261-268, 2004
Lateral load analysis of shear wall-frame structures
T Akis
The Department of Engineering Sciences, Graduate School of Natural and …, 2004
Yielding of two-layer shrink-fitted composite tubes subject to radial pressure
AN Eraslan, T Akis
Forschung im Ingenieurwesen 69 (4), 187-196, 2005
Experimental and numerical analysis of a bolted connection in steel transmission towers
E Baran, T Akis, G Sen, A Draisawi
Journal of Constructional Steel Research 121, 253-260, 2016
The stress response of partially plastic rotating FGM hollow shafts: analytical treatment for axially constrained ends
AN Eraslan, T Akis
Mechanics based design of structures and machines 34 (3), 241-260, 2006
Psychological Characteristics of Free Diving Athletes: A Comparative Study
N Alkan, T Akış
International Journal of Humanities and Social Science 3 (15), 150-157, 2013
Automated selection of optimal material for pressurized multi-layer composite tubes based on an evolutionary approach
SK Azad, T Akış
Neural Computing and Applications 29 (7), 405-416, 2018
Yielding of long concentric tubes under radial pressure based on von Mises criterion
T Akis, AN Eraslan
Journal of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Gazi University 20 …, 2005
A Study of Shrink-Fitting for Optimal Design of Multi-Layer Composite Tubes Subjected to Internal and External Pressure
SK Azad, T Akış
Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Mechanical …, 2019
Analytical Solutions to Elastic Functionally Graded Cylindrical And Spherical Pressure Vessels
AN Eraslan, T Akis
J. of Multidisciplinary Eng. Science and Technology 2 (10), 2687-2693, 2015
Modeling of asymmetric shear wall-frame building structures
T Akis, T Tokdemir, C Yilmaz
Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering 8 (2), 531-538, 2009
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