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Christian Rominger
Christian Rominger
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
New directions in hypnosis research: strategies for advancing the cognitive and clinical neuroscience of hypnosis
MP Jensen, GA Jamieson, A Lutz, G Mazzoni, WJ McGeown, ...
Neuroscience of consciousness 2017 (1), nix004, 2017
The creative brain in the figural domain: Distinct patterns of EEG alpha power during idea generation and idea elaboration
C Rominger, I Papousek, CM Perchtold, B Weber, EM Weiss, A Fink
Neuropsychologia 118, 13-19, 2018
Decrease of prefrontal–posterior EEG coherence: Loose control during social–emotional stimulation
EM Reiser, G Schulter, EM Weiss, A Fink, C Rominger, I Papousek
Brain and Cognition 80 (1), 144-154, 2012
EEG alpha activity during imagining creative moves in soccer decision-making situations
A Fink, C Rominger, M Benedek, CM Perchtold, I Papousek, EM Weiss, ...
Neuropsychologia 114, 118-124, 2018
Different patterns of university students’ integration of lecture podcasts, learning materials, and lecture attendance in a psychology course
S Luttenberger, D Macher, V Maidl, C Rominger, N Aydin, M Paechter
Education and Information Technologies 23 (1), 165-178, 2018
Creative ways to well-being: Reappraisal inventiveness in the context of anger-evoking situations
A Fink, EM Weiss, U Schwarzl, H Weber, VL de Assunção, C Rominger, ...
Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience 17 (1), 94-105, 2017
Humorous cognitive reappraisal: More benign humour and less" dark" humour is affiliated with more adaptive cognitive reappraisal strategies
CM Perchtold, EM Weiss, C Rominger, K Feyaerts, W Ruch, A Fink, ...
PLoS One 14 (1), e0211618, 2019
Creativity is associated with a characteristic U-shaped function of alpha power changes accompanied by an early increase in functional coupling
C Rominger, I Papousek, CM Perchtold, M Benedek, EM Weiss, ...
Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience 19 (4), 1012-1021, 2019
Affective creativity meets classic creativity in the scanner
CM Perchtold, I Papousek, K Koschutnig, C Rominger, H Weber, ...
Human Brain Mapping 39 (1), 393-406, 2018
Carriers of the COMT Met/Met Allele Have Higher Degrees of Hypnotizability, Provided That They Have Good Attentional Control: A Case of Gene–Trait Interaction
C Rominger, EM Weiss, S Nagl, H Niederstätter, W Parson, I Papousek
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis 62 (4), 455-482, 2014
Auditory top-down control and affective theory of mind in schizophrenia with and without hallucinations
C Rominger, A Bleier, W Fitz, J Marksteiner, A Fink, I Papousek, EM Weiss
Schizophrenia research 174 (1-3), 192-196, 2016
Allusive thinking (cognitive looseness) and the propensity to perceive “meaningful” coincidences
C Rominger, EM Weiss, A Fink, G Schulter, I Papousek
Personality and Individual Differences 51 (8), 1002-1006, 2011
Creative thinking in an emotional context: Specific relevance of executive control of emotion-laden representations in the inventiveness in generating alternative appraisals of …
C Rominger, I Papousek, EM Weiss, G Schulter, CM Perchtold, ...
Creativity Research Journal 30 (3), 256-265, 2018
The use of bright and dark types of humour is rooted in the brain
I Papousek, W Ruch, C Rominger, E Kindermann, K Scheidl, G Schulter, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-8, 2017
Brain and soccer: Functional patterns of brain activity during the generation of creative moves in real soccer decision‐making situations
A Fink, JU Bay, K Koschutnig, K Prettenthaler, C Rominger, M Benedek, ...
Human brain mapping 40 (3), 755-764, 2019
Reappraisal inventiveness: Impact of appropriate brain activation during efforts to generate alternative appraisals on the perception of chronic stress in women
CM Perchtold, A Fink, C Rominger, H Weber, VL de Assunção, G Schulter, ...
Anxiety, Stress, & Coping 31 (2), 206-221, 2018
Enhancement of figural creativity by motor activation: effects of unilateral hand contractions on creativity are moderated by positive schizotypy
C Rominger, I Papousek, A Fink, EM Weiss
Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition 19 (4), 424-438, 2014
Gender differences in generating cognitive reappraisals for threatening situations: Reappraisal capacity shields against depressive symptoms in men, but not women
CM Perchtold, I Papousek, A Fink, H Weber, C Rominger, EM Weiss
Frontiers in psychology, 553, 2019
Allusive thinking (remote associations) and auditory top-down inhibition skills differentially predict creativity and positive schizotypy
C Rominger, A Fink, EM Weiss, J Bosch, I Papousek
Cognitive Neuropsychiatry 22 (2), 108-121, 2017
DSM-5 personality trait domains and withdrawal versus approach motivational tendencies in response to the perception of other people’s desperation and angry aggression
I Papousek, N Aydin, C Rominger, K Feyaerts, K Schmid-Zalaudek, ...
Biological Psychology 132, 106-115, 2018
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