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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The Ecology of Natural Disturbance and Patch Dynamics
STA Pickett, PS White
Academic Press, New York, 1985
Urban ecological systems: linking terrestrial ecological, physical, and socioeconomic components of metropolitan areas
STA Pickett, ML Cadenasso, JM Grove, CH Nilon, RV Pouyat, ...
Annual review of ecology and systematics 32 (1), 127-157, 2001
Natural disturbance and patch dynamics: an introduction
PS White
Natural disturbance and patch dynamics, 3-13, 1985
Plant litter: its dynamics and effects on plant community structure
JM Facelli, STA Pickett
The botanical review 57 (1), 1-32, 1991
Space-for-time substitution as an alternative to long-term studies
STA Pickett
Long-term studies in ecology, 110-135, 1989
Integrated approaches to long-term studies of urban ecological systems: Urban ecological systems present multiple challenges to ecologists—Pervasive human impact and extreme …
NB Grimm, JG Grove, STA Pickett, CL Redman
BioScience 50 (7), 571-584, 2000
Ecosystem structure and function along urban-rural gradients: an unexploited opportunity for ecology
MJ McDonnell, STA Pickett
Ecology, 1232-1237, 1990
Landscape ecology: spatial heterogeneity in ecological systems
STA Pickett, ML Cadenasso
Science 269 (5222), 331-334, 1995
Don't judge species on their origins
MA Davis, MK Chew, RJ Hobbs, AE Lugo, JJ Ewel, GJ Vermeij, JH Brown, ...
Nature 474 (7350), 153-154, 2011
Urban ecological systems: Scientific foundations and a decade of progress
STA Pickett, ML Cadenasso, JM Grove, CG Boone, PM Groffman, E Irwin, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 92 (3), 331-362, 2011
Physiological ecology of tropical succession: a comparative review
FA Bazzaz, STA Pickett
Annual review of ecology and systematics 11 (1), 287-310, 1980
Patch dynamics and the design of nature reserves
STA Pickett, JN Thompson
Biological Conservation 13 (1), 27-37, 1978
Resilient cities: meaning, models, and metaphor for integrating the ecological, socio-economic, and planning realms
STA Pickett, ML Cadenasso, JM Grove
Landscape and urban planning 69 (4), 369-384, 2004
Models, mechanisms and pathways of succession
STA Pickett, SL Collins, JJ Armesto
The botanical review 53 (3), 335-371, 1987
Ecological understanding: the nature of theory and the theory of nature
STA Pickett, J Kolasa, CG Jones
科学出版社, 2007
Ecosystem processes along an urban-to-rural gradient
MJ McDonnell, STA Pickett, P Groffman, P Bohlen, RV Pouyat, ...
Urban Ecology, 299-313, 2008
The ecological concept of disturbance and its expression at various hierarchical levels
STA Pickett, J Kolasa, JJ Armesto, SL Collins
Oikos, 129-136, 1989
The new paradigm in ecology: implications for conservation biology above the species level
STA Pickett, VT Parker, PL Fiedler
Conservation biology, 65-88, 1992
Spatial heterogeneity in urban ecosystems: reconceptualizing land cover and a framework for classification
ML Cadenasso, STA Pickett, K Schwarz
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 5 (2), 80-88, 2007
A conceptual framework for the study of human ecosystems in urban areas
STA Pickett, WR Burch, SE Dalton, TW Foresman, JM Grove, R Rowntree
Urban ecosystems 1 (4), 185-199, 1997
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