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Pietro Milillo
Pietro Milillo
Assistant Professor, Cullen College of Engineering, University of Houston
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Heterogeneous retreat and ice melt of Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica
P Milillo, E Rignot, P Rizzoli, B Scheuchl, J Mouginot, J Bueso-Bello, ...
Science advances 5 (1), eaau3433, 2019
Pre-collapse space geodetic observations of critical infrastructure: The Morandi Bridge, Genoa, Italy
P Milillo, G Giardina, D Perissin, G Milillo, A Coletta, C Terranova
Remote Sensing 11 (12), 1403, 2019
Monitoring dam structural health from space: Insights from novel InSAR techniques and multi-parametric modeling applied to the Pertusillo dam Basilicata, Italy
P Milillo, D Perissin, JT Salzer, P Lundgren, G Lacava, G Milillo, C Serio
International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation 52 …, 2016
Rapid Damage Mapping for the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha Earthquake Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Data from COSMO–SkyMed and ALOS-2 Satellites
SH Yun, K Hudnut, S Owen, F Webb, M Simons, P Sacco, E Gurrola, ...
Seismological Research Letters 86 (6), 1549-1556, 2015
Remote sensing of ground deformation for monitoring groundwater management practices: Application to the Santa Clara Valley during the 2012–2015 California drought
E Chaussard, P Milillo, R Bürgmann, D Perissin, EJ Fielding, B Baker
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 122 (10), 8566-8582, 2017
Multi-temporal InSAR structural damage assessment: The London crossrail case study
P Milillo, G Giardina, MJ DeJong, D Perissin, G Milillo
Remote Sensing 10 (2), 287, 2018
Coseismic deformation and triggered landslides of the 2016 Mw 6.2 Amatrice earthquake in Italy
MH Huang, EJ Fielding, C Liang, P Milillo, D Bekaert, D Dreger, J Salzer
Geophysical Research Letters 44 (3), 1266-1274, 2017
Persistent scatterer interferometry processing of COSMO-SkyMed StripMap HIMAGE time series to depict deformation of the historic centre of Rome, Italy
F Cigna, R Lasaponara, N Masini, P Milillo, D Tapete
Remote Sensing 6 (12), 12593-12618, 2014
Space geodetic monitoring of engineered structures: The ongoing destabilization of the Mosul dam, Iraq
P Milillo, R Bürgmann, P Lundgren, J Salzer, D Perissin, E Fielding, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 37408, 2016
An aseismic slip transient on the North Anatolian Fault
B Rousset, R Jolivet, M Simons, C Lasserre, B Riel, P Milillo, Z Çakir, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 43 (7), 3254-3262, 2016
Evaluation of InSAR monitoring data for post‐tunnelling settlement damage assessment
G Giardina, P Milillo, MJ DeJong, D Perissin, G Milillo
Structural Control and Health Monitoring 26 (2), e2285, 2019
Tidally induced variations in vertical and horizontal motion on Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica, inferred from remotely sensed observations
BM Minchew, M Simons, B Riel, P Milillo
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 122 (1), 167-190, 2017
The collapse of Bárðarbunga caldera, Iceland
B Riel, P Milillo, M Simons, P Lundgren, H Kanamori, S Samsonov
Geophysical Journal International 202 (1), 446-453, 2015
On the synergistic use of SAR constellations’ data exploitation for earth science and natural hazard response
P Milillo, B Riel, B Minchew, SH Yun, M Simons, P Lundgren
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote …, 2015
COSMO-SkyMed spotlight interferometry over rural areas: The Slumgullion landslide in Colorado, USA
P Milillo, EJ Fielding, WH Shulz, B Delbridge, R Burgmann
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote …, 2014
A space view of radar archaeological marks: First applications of COSMO-SkyMed X-band data
F Chen, N Masini, R Yang, P Milillo, D Feng, R Lasaponara
Remote Sensing 7 (1), 24-50, 2014
Dike model for the 2012–2013 Tolbachik eruption constrained by satellite radar interferometry observations
P Lundgren, A Kiryukhin, P Milillo, S Samsonov
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 307, 79-88, 2015
On the short‐term grounding zone dynamics of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica, observed with COSMO‐SkyMed interferometric data
P Milillo, E Rignot, J Mouginot, B Scheuchl, M Morlighem, X Li, JT Salzer
Geophysical Research Letters 44 (20), 10,436-10,444, 2017
Monitoring deformations of infrastructure networks: A fully automated GIS integration and analysis of InSAR time-series
V Macchiarulo, P Milillo, C Blenkinsopp, G Giardina
Structural Health Monitoring 21 (4), 1849-1878, 2022
Geodetic constraints on the 2014 M 6.0 South Napa earthquake
WD Barnhart, JR Murray, SH Yun, JL Svarc, SV Samsonov, EJ Fielding, ...
Seismological Research Letters 86 (2A), 335-343, 2015
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