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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Removal of metals by biosorption: a review
F Veglio, F Beolchini
Hydrometallurgy 44 (3), 301-316, 1997
A review of approaches and techniques used in aquatic contaminated sediments: metal removal and stabilization by chemical and biotechnological processes
A Akcil, C Erust, S Ozdemiroglu, V Fonti, F Beolchini
Journal of Cleaner Production 86, 24-36, 2015
Biosorption of toxic metals: an equilibrium study using free cells of Arthrobacter sp.
F Veglio, F Beolchini, A Gasbarro
Process Biochemistry 32 (2), 99-105, 1997
Recovery of zinc and manganese from alkaline and zinc-carbon spent batteries
I De Michelis, F Ferella, E Karakaya, F Beolchini, F Vegliò
Journal of Power Sources 172 (2), 975-983, 2007
Equilibrium biosorption studies in single and multi-metal systems
F Pagnanelli, M Trifoni, F Beolchini, A Esposito, L Toro, F Veglio
Process Biochemistry 37 (2), 115-124, 2001
Damage and degradation rates of extracellular DNA in marine sediments: implications for the preservation of gene sequences
C Corinaldesi, F Beolchini, A Dell’Anno
Molecular Ecology 17 (17), 3939-3951, 2008
Environmental impact assessment of hydrometallurgical processes for metal recovery from WEEE residues using a portable prototype plant
L Rocchetti, F Vegliò, B Kopacek, F Beolchini
Environmental science & technology 47 (3), 1581-1588, 2013
Sorption of copper by olive mill residues
F Veglio, F Beolchini, M Prisciandaro
Water Research 37 (20), 4895-4903, 2003
High bacterial biodiversity increases degradation performance of hydrocarbons during bioremediation of contaminated harbor marine sediments
A Dell'Anno, F Beolchini, L Rocchetti, GM Luna, R Danovaro
Environmental pollution 167, 85-92, 2012
Metal recovery from spent refinery catalysts by means of biotechnological strategies
F Beolchini, V Fonti, F Ferella, F Vegliò
Journal of Hazardous Materials 178 (1-3), 529-534, 2010
Biosorption of copper by Sphaerotilus natans immobilised in polysulfone matrix: equilibrium and kinetic analysis
F Beolchini, F Pagnanelli, L Toro, F Veglio
Hydrometallurgy 70 (1-3), 101-112, 2003
Bioremediation of marine sediments contaminated by hydrocarbons: experimental analysis and kinetic modeling
F Beolchini, L Rocchetti, F Regoli, A Dell’Anno
Journal of hazardous materials 182 (1-3), 403-407, 2010
Cross-current leaching of indium from end-of-life LCD panels
L Rocchetti, A Amato, V Fonti, S Ubaldini, I De Michelis, B Kopacek, ...
Waste Management 42, 180-187, 2015
Assessment of biotechnological strategies for the valorization of metal bearing wastes
F Beolchini, V Fonti, A Dell’Anno, L Rocchetti, F Vegliò
Waste Management 32 (5), 949-956, 2012
Ionic strength effect on copper biosorption by Sphaerotilus natans: equilibrium study and dynamic modelling in membrane reactor
F Beolchini, F Pagnanelli, L Toro, F Veglio
Water research 40 (1), 144-152, 2006
Auto-and heterotrophic acidophilic bacteria enhance the bioremediation efficiency of sediments contaminated by heavy metals
F Beolchini, A Dell’Anno, L De Propris, S Ubaldini, F Cerrone, ...
Chemosphere 74 (10), 1321-1326, 2009
Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in anoxic marine sediments: consequences on the speciation of heavy metals
A Dell’Anno, F Beolchini, M Gabellini, L Rocchetti, A Pusceddu, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 58 (12), 1808-1814, 2009
Recovery of indium from liquid crystal displays
L Rocchetti, A Amato, F Beolchini
Journal of Cleaner Production 116, 299-305, 2016
Bioremediation of contaminated marine sediments can enhance metal mobility due to changes of bacterial diversity
V Fonti, F Beolchini, L Rocchetti, A Dell'Anno
Water research 68, 637-650, 2015
Printed circuit board recycling: A patent review
L Rocchetti, A Amato, F Beolchini
Journal of Cleaner Production 178, 814-832, 2018
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