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Doç.Dr. Abdulfettah Tumturk
Doç.Dr. Abdulfettah Tumturk
Erciyes University School of Medicine , Department of Neurosurgery
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Pediatric central nervous system tumors in the first 3 years of life: pre-operative mean platelet volume, neutrophil/lymphocyte count ratio, and white blood cell count …
A Tumturk, MA Ozdemir, H Per, E Unal, A Kucuk, H Ulutabanca, ...
Child's Nervous System 33, 233-238, 2017
Different etiologies of acquired torticollis in childhood
H Per, M Canpolat, A Tümtürk, H Gumuş, A Gokoglu, A Yikilmaz, S Özmen, ...
Child's Nervous System 30, 431-440, 2014
Microsurgical resection of tumors of the lateral and third ventricles: operative corridors for difficult-to-reach lesions
U Cikla, KI Swanson, A Tumturk, N Keser, K Uluc, A Cohen-Gadol, ...
Journal of Neuro-oncology 130, 331-340, 2016
Torticollis in children: an alert symptom not to be turned away
A Tumturk, G Kaya Ozcora, A Kacar Bayram, M Kabaklioglu, S Doganay, ...
Child's Nervous System 31, 1461-1470, 2015
Brain abscesses in children: results of 24 children from a reference center in Central Anatolia, Turkey
M Canpolat, O Ceylan, H Per, G Koc, A Tumturk, S Kumandas, T Patiroglu, ...
Journal of child neurology 30 (4), 458-467, 2015
Intracranial hemorrhage in infants as a serious, and preventable consequence of late form of vitamin K deficiency: a selfie picture of Turkey, strategies for tomorrow
E Unal, S Ozsoylu, A Bayram, MA Ozdemir, E Yilmaz, M Canpolat, ...
Child's Nervous System 30, 1375-1382, 2014
Comparison of dural splitting and duraplasty in patients with Chiari type I malformation: Relationship between tonsillo-dural distance and syrinx cavity
Ş Oral, A Yılmaz, A Küçük, A Tümtürk, A Menkü
Turkish Neurosurgical Society, 2019
Emergency resection of brainstem cavernous malformations
A Tumturk, Y Li, Y Turan, U Cikla, BJ Iskandar, MK Baskaya
Journal of neurosurgery 128 (5), 1289-1296, 2018
Chiari type I malformation with high foramen magnum anomaly
H Ulutabanca, N Acer, A Küçük, S Doğan, A Tümtürk, A Kurtsoy, ...
Folia Morphologica 74 (3), 402-406, 2015
Cerebellar abscess due to Nocardia asteroides.
IS Öktem, H Akdemir, B Sümerkan, RK Koç, A Menkü, F Tümtürk
Overcoming end-to-end vessel mismatch during superficial temporal artery–radial artery–M2 interposition grafting for cerebral ischemia: tapering technique
U Cikla, D Mukherjee, A Tumturk, MK Baskaya
World neurosurgery 110, 85, 2018
Cervical hemilaminoplasty with miniplates in long segment intradural extramedullary ependymoma: case report and technical note
Ş Oral, A Tümtürk, A Küçük, A Menku
Turkish neurosurgery 28 (1), 2018
Sex differences in mouse hippocampal astrocytes after in-vitro ischemia
V Chanana, A Tumturk, D Kintner, E Udho, P Ferrazzano, P Cengiz
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e53695, 2016
The management of blood loss in non-syndromic craniosynostosis patients undergoing barrel stave osteotomy
A Küçük, A TÜMTÜRK, I Gergin, Ş Oral, S GÖRKEM, A Kurtsoy, ...
Turkish Neurosurgery 27 (1), 2017
En bloc cervical laminoplasty while preserving the posterior structure with arcocristectomy in cervical spondylotic myelopathy
A Tumturk, A Kucuk, A Menku, RK Koc
Turk Neurosurg 27 (5), 790-796, 2017
Surgical strategies for spondylodiscitis due to lumbar disc surgery
A KÜÇÜK, M Karademir, A TÜMTÜRK, H Ulutabanca, B Ercal, S Senol, ...
Turkish Neurosurgery 27 (1), 2017
Dandy-Walker malformasyonu
AF Tümtürk, Ö İS
Türk Nöroşirürji Dergisi 2, 180-184, 2013
The results of the surgical treatment of spontaneous rhinorrhea via craniotomy and the contribution of CT cisternography to the detection of exact leakage side of CSF
A TÜMTÜRK, H Ulutabanca, A Gokoglu, Ş Oral, A Menku, A Kurtsoy
Turkish Neurosurgery 26 (5), 2016
Intratumoral ethyl alcohol injection for devascularization of hypervascular intracranial tumors
Turkish Neurosurgery 26 (5), 2016
The impact of the use of neuronavigation together with intraoperative ultrasonography in minimally invasive intracranial cavernous hemangioma surgery
AF Tümtürk, A Küçük, H Ulutabanca, A Menkü, İŞ Gergin, Ş Oral
Journal of Clinical Practice and Research 36 (4), 161, 2014
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