P. H. Michael Böttger
P. H. Michael Böttger
Research Engineer, SKF Austria
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Calorimetric Evidence for a Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov Superconducting State in the Layered Organic Superconductor κ−(BEDT− TTF) 2 Cu (NCS) 2
R Lortz, Y Wang, A Demuer, PHM Böttger, B Bergk, G Zwicknagl, ...
Physical review letters 99 (18), 187002, 2007
Doping of p‐type ZnSb: Single parabolic band model and impurity band conduction
PHM Böttger, GS Pomrehn, GJ Snyder, TG Finstad
physica status solidi (a) 208 (12), 2753-2759, 2011
Thermoelectric properties of Cu doped ZnSb containing Zn3P2 particles
K Valset, PHM Böttger, J Taftø, TG Finstad
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (2), 023703, 2012
Influence of ball-milling, nanostructuring, and Ag inclusions on thermoelectric properties of ZnSb
PHM Böttger, K Valset, S Deledda, TG Finstad
Journal of electronic materials 39 (9), 1583-1588, 2010
Electrospraying of colloidal nanoparticles for seeding of nanostructure growth
PHM Böttger, Z Bi, D Adolph, KA Dick, LS Karlsson, MNA Karlsson, ...
Nanotechnology 18 (10), 105304, 2007
Impurity band conduction in the thermoelectric material ZnSb
X Song, PHM Böttger, OB Karlsen, TG Finstad, J Taftø
Physica Scripta 2012 (T148), 014001, 2012
Electronic structure of thermoelectric Zn–Sb
PHM Böttger, S Diplas, E Flage-Larsen, Ø Prytz, TG Finstad
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23 (26), 265502, 2011
High temperature Seebeck coefficient and resistance measurement system for thermoelectric materials in the thin disk geometry
PHM Böttger, E Flage-Larsen, OB Karlsen, TG Finstad
Review of Scientific Instruments 83 (2), 025101, 2012
Hard wear-resistant coatings with anisotropic thermal conductivity for high thermal load applications
PHM Böttger, L Braginsky, V Shklover, E Lewin, J Patscheider, DG Cahill, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 116 (1), 013507, 2014
Thermal conductivity of hard oxynitride coatings
PHM Böttger, E Lewin, J Patscheider, V Shklover, DG Cahill, R Ghisleni, ...
Thin Solid Films 549, 232-238, 2013
Anisotropic layered media with microinclusions: Thermal properties of arc-evaporation multilayer metal nitrides
PHM Böttger, AV Gusarov, V Shklover, J Patscheider, M Sobiech
International journal of thermal sciences 77, 75-83, 2014
MicroRNA expression reflects site specificity of metastatic colorectal cancer
B Fromm, E Høye, D Domanska, C Lund-Andersen, AT Kristensen, ...
Cancer Research 77 (13 Supplement), 3432-3432, 2017
A microRNA Signature of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
E Høye, B Fromm, PHM Böttger, D Domanska, A Torgunrud, ...
bioRxiv, 2020.06. 01.127647, 2021
Hard material layers with selected thermal conductivity
ML Sobiech, S Stein, PH Böttger, V Shklover, J Patscheider
US Patent 9,869,015, 2018
New test methods on ceramic rolling elements
O Schöppl, PHM Böttger
Evolution - SKF business and technology magazine 2016 (1), 2015
Hard material layer for reducing heat input into a coated substrate
M Sobiech, S Stein, V Shklover, PHM Böttger, J Patscheider
WO Patent WO2015078570 (A1), 2014
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