Giray Gozgor
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Does economic policy uncertainty predict the Bitcoin returns? An empirical investigation
E Demir, G Gozgor, CKM Lau, SA Vigne
Finance Research Letters 26, 145-149, 2018
Energy consumption and economic growth: New evidence from the OECD countries
G Gozgor, CKM Lau, Z Lu
Energy 153, 27-34, 2018
Effects of the geopolitical risks on Bitcoin returns and volatility
AF Aysan, E Demir, G Gozgor, CKM Lau
Research in International Business and Finance 47, 511-518, 2019
The causal relationship between Bitcoin attention and Bitcoin returns: Evidence from the Copula-based Granger causality test
S Dastgir, E Demir, G Downing, G Gozgor, CKM Lau
Finance Research Letters 28, 160-164, 2019
The Impact of Economic Complexity on Carbon Emissions: Evidence from France
M Can, G Gozgor
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24 (19), 16364–16370, 2017
Globalisation, Inequality and Redistribution: Theory and Evidence
G Gozgor, P Ranjan
The World Economy 40 (12), 2704-2751, 2017
Determinants of domestic credit levels in emerging markets: The role of external factors
G Gozgor
Emerging Markets Review 18, 1-18, 2014
Export Product Diversification and the Environmental Kuznets Curve: Evidence from Turkey
G Giray, M Can
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23 (21), 21594–21603, 2016
Economic policy uncertainty and tourism demand: empirical evidence from the USA
G Gozgor, S Ongan
International Journal of Tourism Research 19 (1), 99-106, 2017
Does economic policy uncertainty affect Tourism?
E Demir, G Gözgör
Annals of Tourism Research 69 (C), 15-17, 2018
The effects of uncertainty measures on the price of gold
MH Bilgin, G Gozgor, CKM Lau, X Sheng
International Review of Financial Analysis 58, 1-7, 2018
Does trade matter for carbon emissions in OECD countries? Evidence from a new trade openness measure
G Gozgor
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24 (36), 27813-27821, 2017
Human capital and export diversification as new determinants of energy demand in the United States
M Shahbaz, G Gozgor, S Hammoudeh
Energy Economics 78, 335-349, 2019
The impact of economic globalization on renewable energy in the OECD countries
G Gozgor, MK Mahalik, E Demir, H Padhan
Energy Policy 139, 111365, 2020
Causal Linkages among the Product Diversification of Exports, Economic Globalization and Economic Growth
G Gözgör, M Can
Review of Development Economics 21 (3), 888–908, 2017
The impact of trade openness on the unemployment rate in G7 countries
G Gozgor
The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development 23 (7), 1018-1037, 2014
The Relationship between Bitcoin Returns and Trade Policy Uncertainty
G Gozgor, AK Tiwari, E Demir, S Akron
Finance Research Letters 29, 75-82, 2019
Effects of the product diversification of exports on income at different stages of economic development
G Gozgor, M Can
Eurasian Business Review 6 (2), 215-235, 2016
Effects of export concentration on CO 2 emissions in developed countries: an empirical analysis
N Apergis, M Can, G Gozgor, CKM Lau
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25 (14), 14106-14116, 2018
The technical decomposition of carbon emissions and the concerns about FDI and trade openness effects in the United States
M Shahbaz, G Gozgor, PK Adom, S Hammoudeh
International Economics 159, 56-73, 2019
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