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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Surgical approach to extensive hidradenitis suppurativa in the perineal/perianal and gluteal regions
E Balik, T Eren, T Bulut, Y Büyükuncu, D Bugra, S Yamaner
World journal of surgery 33 (3), 481-487, 2009
The effect of heme oxygenase-1 induction by octreotide on radiation enteritis
SD Abbasoğlu, Y Erbil, T Eren, U Barbaros, R Yücel, V Olgaç, M Uysal, ...
Peptides 27 (6), 1570-1576, 2006
A surgical approach to anogenital Buschke Loewenstein tumours (giant condyloma acuminata)
E Balik, T Eren, D Bugra
Acta Chirurgica Belgica 109 (5), 612-616, 2009
Current status of minimally invasive surgery for gastric cancer: A literature review to highlight studies limits
A Parisi, NT Nguyen, D Reim, S Zhang, ZW Jiang, ST Brower, JS Azagra, ...
International journal of surgery 17, 34-40, 2015
Factors effecting mastalgia
T Eren, A Aslan, IA Ozemir, H Baysal, J Sagiroglu, O Ekinci, O Alimoglu
Breast Care 11 (3), 188-193, 2016
Clinical significance of the Glasgow prognostic score for survival after colorectal cancer surgery
T Eren, B Burcu, E Tombalak, T Ozdemir, M Leblebici, IA Ozemir, S Ziyade, ...
Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery 20 (6), 1231-1238, 2016
Strategies to treat idiopathic granulomatous mastitis: retrospective analysis of 40 patients
T Atak, J Sagiroglu, T Eren, İ Ali Özemir, O Alimoglu
Breast disease 35 (1), 19-24, 2015
Robotic, laparoscopic and open surgery for gastric cancer compared on surgical, clinical and oncological outcomes: a multi-institutional chart review. A study protocol of the …
J Desiderio, ZW Jiang, NT Nguyen, S Zhang, D Reim, O Alimoglu, ...
BMJ open 5 (10), 2015
Surgical indicators for the operative treatment of acute mechanical intestinal obstruction due to adhesions
T Eren, S Boluk, B Bayraktar, IA Ozemir, SY Boluk, E Tombalak, ...
Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research 88 (6), 325, 2015
Hyperbilirubinemia as a predictive factor in acute appendicitis
T Eren, E Tombalak, IA Ozemir, M Leblebici, S Ziyade, O Ekinci, ...
European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery 42 (4), 471-476, 2016
Robot‐assisted laparoscopic (RAL) surgery for gastric cancer
O Alimoglu, I Atak, T Eren
The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery …, 2014
Parameters that may be used for predicting failure during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
E Balik, T Eren, M Keskin, S Ziyade, T Bulut, Y Buyukuncu, S Yamaner
Journal of oncology 2013, 2013
Revisiting stapled and handsewn loop ileostomy closures: a large retrospective series
E Balik, T Eren, D Bugra, Y Buyukuncu, A Akyuz, S Yamaner
Clinics 66 (11), 1935-1941, 2011
Do different abdominal incision techniques play a role in wound complications in patients operated on for gastrointestinal malignancies?“Scalpel vs. electrocautery”
T Eren, E Balik, S Ziyade, S Yamaner, A Akyuz, D Bugra
Acta Chirurgica Belgica 110 (4), 451-456, 2010
Factors affecting postoperative hypocalcemia after thyroid surgery: Importance of incidental parathyroidectomy
IA Ozemir, MZ Buldanli, O Yener, M Leblebici, T Eren, H Baysal, ...
Northern clinics of Istanbul 3 (1), 9, 2016
Factors affecting sentinel lymph node metastasis in Turkish breast cancer patients: Predictive value of Ki-67 and the size of lymph node.
IA Ozemir, K Orhun, T Eren, H Baysal, J Sagiroglu, M Leblebici, ...
Bratislavske lekarske listy 117 (8), 436-441, 2016
Robot-assisted laparoscopic colorectal surgery
O Alimoglu, I Atak, K Orhun, T Eren
Minerva Chir 68 (5), 471-8, 2013
The diagnostic and prognostic significance of serum neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin levels in patients with colorectal cancer
IA Ozemir, S Aslan, T Eren, B Bayraktar, C Bilgic, B Isbilen, H Yalman, ...
Chirurgia 111 (5), 414-421, 2016
Acute malignant intestinal obstruction accompanied by synchronous multifocal intestinal cancer in Peutz–Jeghers syndrome: report of a case
T Eren, B Bayraktar, Y Celik, S Boluk, G Adali
Surgery today 42 (11), 1125-1129, 2012
The association of papillary thyroid cancer with microcalcification in thyroid nodules with indeterminate cytology based on fine-needle aspiration biopsy
İA Özemir, B BAYRAKTAR, E Anilir, K Orhun, T Eren, J SAĞIROĞLU, ...
Turkish journal of medical sciences 46 (6), 1719-1723, 2016
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