Hailing Cheng
Hailing Cheng
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Preparation, structure and crystallinity of chitosan nano-fibers by a solid–liquid phase separation technique
J Zhao, W Han, H Chen, M Tu, R Zeng, Y Shi, Z Cha, C Zhou
Carbohydrate polymers 83 (4), 1541-1546, 2011
Degradation in InAlN/GaN-based heterostructure field effect transistors: Role of hot phonons
JH Leach, CY Zhu, M Wu, X Ni, X Li, J Xie, Ü Özgür, H Morkoç, J Liberis, ...
Applied Physics Letters 95 (22), 223504, 2009
Fabrication and in vivo osteogenesis of biomimetic poly (propylene carbonate) scaffold with nanofibrous chitosan network in macropores for bone tissue engineering
J Zhao, W Han, H Chen, M Tu, S Huan, G Miao, R Zeng, H Wu, Z Cha, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 23 (2), 517-525, 2012
Two-parameter Radon transformation of the Wigner operator and its inverse
F Hong-Yi, C Hai-Ling
Chinese Physics Letters 18 (7), 850, 2001
Influence of N interstitials on the electronic properties of GaAsN alloys
Y Jin, RM Jock, H Cheng, Y He, AM Mintarov, Y Wang, C Kurdak, JL Merz, ...
Applied Physics Letters 95 (6), 062109, 2009
Role of genetic variation in the human sodium–glucose cotransporter 2 gene (SGLT2) in glucose homeostasis
U Enigk, J Breitfeld, D Schleinitz, K Dietrich, J Halbritter, ...
Pharmacogenomics 12 (8), 1119-1126, 2011
Nitrogen composition dependence of electron effective mass in GaAs 1− x N x
T Dannecker, Y Jin, H Cheng, CF Gorman, J Buckeridge, C Uher, S Fahy, ...
Physical Review B 82 (12), 125203, 2010
Combination of afatinib with cetuximab in patients with EGFR-mutant non-small-cell lung cancer resistant to EGFR inhibitors
JR Gomes, MRS Cruz
OncoTargets and therapy 8, 1137, 2015
NNAT and DIRAS3 genes are paternally expressed in pigs
HC Cheng, FW Zhang, CY Deng, CD Jiang, YZ Xiong, FE Li, MG Lei
Genetics Selection Evolution 39 (5), 599-607, 2007
New approach for calculating Wigner functions of generalized two-mode squeezed state and squeezed number state via entangled state representation
F Hong-Yi, C Hai-Ling
Communications in Theoretical Physics 36 (6), 651, 2001
Isolation and structure elucidation of autolytimycin, a new compound produced by Streptomyces autolyticus JX-47
Chin. Chem. Lett. 12, 903-906, 2001
The influence of freeze-thaw to concrete strength
HQ Cheng, LS Zhang, PX Li
Henan Sci 21 (2), 214-216, 2003
基于 C4. 5 决策树方法的到港航班延误预测问题研究
程华, 李艳梅, 罗谦, 李川
系统工程理论与实践 34 (s1), 239-247, 2014
Influence of Si–N complexes on the electronic properties of GaAsN alloys
Y Jin, Y He, H Cheng, RM Jock, T Dannecker, M Reason, AM Mintairov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 95 (9), 092109, 2009
Characterization and stability of light-emitting diodes based on poly (bithiazole)'s
Y He, K Politis, W Cheng, HD Curtis, J Kanicki
IEEE transactions on Electron devices 44 (8), 1282-1288, 1997
Bias dependent two-channel conduction in InAlN/AlN/GaN structures
JH Leach, X Ni, X Li, M Wu, Ü Özgür, H Morkoç, L Zhou, DA Cullen, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (8), 083706, 2010
Measurement of linear and cubic spin–orbit coupling parameters in AlGaN/AlN/GaN heterostructures with a polarization-induced two-dimensional electron gas
H Cheng, N Biyikli, Ü Özgür, C Kurdak, H Morkoç, VI Litvinov
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 40 (5), 1586-1589, 2008
Nonlinear coherent state representation and related generalized Wigner function
H Fan, H Cheng
Journal of Optics B: Quantum and Semiclassical Optics 3 (6), 388, 2001
Two-subband conduction in a gated high density InAlN/AlN/GaN heterostructure
H Cheng, Ç Kurdak, JH Leach, M Wu, H Morkoç
Applied Physics Letters 97 (11), 112113, 2010
Nitrogen dilution effect for small angle GDH experiment in JLab Hall-A
L Hai-Jiang, Y Yun-Xiu, Y Xin-Hu, C He-Ping, J Zheng, H Ju, L Ren-Chen
Chinese Physics C 32 (8), 653, 2008
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