David KY Zhang
David KY Zhang
PhD candidate, Harvard University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Scaffolds that mimic antigen-presenting cells enable ex vivo expansion of primary T cells
AS Cheung, DKY Zhang, ST Koshy, DJ Mooney
Nature biotechnology 36 (2), 160, 2018
Injectable nanocomposite cryogels for versatile protein drug delivery
ST Koshy, DKY Zhang, JM Grolman, AG Stafford, DJ Mooney
Acta biomaterialia 65, 36-43, 2018
Effect of methacrylic acid beads on the sonic hedgehog signaling pathway and macrophage polarization in a subcutaneous injection mouse model
A Lisovsky, DKY Zhang, MV Sefton
Biomaterials 98, 203-214, 2016
The role of insulin growth factor-1 on the vascular regenerative effect of MAA coated disks and macrophage-endothelial cell crosstalk
I Talior-Volodarsky, R Mahou, D Zhang, M Sefton
Biomaterials 144, 199-210, 2017
Injectable and inherently vascularizing semi-interpenetrating polymer network for delivering cells to the subcutaneous space
R Mahou, DKY Zhang, AE Vlahos, MV Sefton
Biomaterials 131, 27-35, 2017
Metabolic labeling and targeted modulation of dendritic cells
H Wang, MC Sobral, DKY Zhang, AN Cartwright, AW Li, MO Dellacherie, ...
Nature materials, 1-9, 2020
Activation and expansion of human T cells using artificial antigen-presenting cell scaffolds
DKY Zhang, AS Cheung, DJ Mooney
Nature protocols 15 (3), 773-798, 2020
Multifunctional biomimetic hydrogel systems to boost the immunomodulatory potential of mesenchymal stromal cells
A Gonzalez-Pujana, KH Vining, DKY Zhang, E Santos-Vizcaino, M Igartua, ...
Biomaterials 257, 120266, 2020
Abstract B058: Rapid and controlled T-cell expansion using scaffolds that mimic antigen-presenting cells
DKY Zhang, A Vaynrub, DJ Mooney
Cancer Immunology Research 7 (2 Supplement), B058-B058, 2019
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