Eirini Christaki
Eirini Christaki
Lecturer, Medical School, University of Cyprus
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Safety and efficacy of long-term statin treatment for cardiovascular events in patients with coronary heart disease and abnormal liver tests in the Greek Atorvastatin and …
VG Athyros, K Tziomalos, TD Gossios, T Griva, P Anagnostis, K Kargiotis, ...
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New technologies in predicting, preventing and controlling emerging infectious diseases
E Christaki
Virulence 6 (6), 558-565, 2015
Is the mortality rate for septic shock really decreasing?
E Christaki, SM Opal
Current opinion in critical care 14 (5), 580-586, 2008
The beginning of personalized medicine in sepsis: small steps to a bright future
E Christaki, EJ Giamarellos‐Bourboulis
Clinical genetics 86 (1), 56-61, 2014
Immunomodulatory therapy for sepsis: an update
E Christaki, P Anyfanti, SM Opal
Expert review of anti-infective therapy 9 (11), 1013-1033, 2011
A monoclonal antibody against RAGE alters gene expression and is protective in experimental models of sepsis and pneumococcal pneumonia
E Christaki, SM Opal, JC Keith Jr, N Kessimian, JE Palardy, NA Parejo, ...
Shock 35 (5), 492-498, 2011
Estrogen receptor β agonism increases survival in experimentally induced sepsis and ameliorates the genomic sepsis signature: a pharmacogenomic study
E Christaki, SM Opal, JC Keith Jr, N Kessinian, JE Palardy, NA Parejo, ...
The Journal of infectious diseases 201 (8), 1250-1257, 2010
The complex pathogenesis of bacteremia: from antimicrobial clearance mechanisms to the genetic background of the host
E Christaki, EJ Giamarellos-Bourboulis
Virulence 5 (1), 57-65, 2014
Specific Antibody to Cryptococcus neoformans Glucurunoxylomannan Antagonizes Antifungal Drug Action against Cryptococcal Biofilms In Vitro
LR Martinez, E Christaki, A Casadevall
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NK and NKT cell depletion alters the outcome of experimental pneumococcal pneumonia: relationship with regulation of interferon-γ production
E Christaki, E Diza, EJ Giamarellos-Bourboulis, N Papadopoulou, ...
Journal of immunology research 2015, 2015
Receptor for advanced glycation end products in bacterial infection: is there a role for immune modulation of receptor for advanced glycation end products in the treatment of …
E Christaki, N Lazaridis, SM Opal
Current opinion in infectious diseases 25 (3), 304-311, 2012
The impact of smoking on cardiovascular outcomes and comorbidities in statin-treated patients with coronary artery disease: a post hoc analysis of the GREACE study
V G Athyros, K Tziomalos, N Katsiki, T D Gossios, O Giouleme, ...
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Antimicrobial resistance in bacteria: mechanisms, evolution, and persistence
E Christaki, M Marcou, A Tofarides
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Influenza Virus—Host Co-evolution. A Predator-Prey Relationship?
K Voskarides, E Christaki, GK Nikolopoulos
Frontiers in immunology 9, 2017, 2018
Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV: evidence and perspectives
G K Nikolopoulos, E Christaki, D Paraskevis, S Bonovas
Current Pharmaceutical Design 23 (18), 2579-2591, 2017
Syphilis on the rise: a prolonged syphilis outbreak among HIV-infected patients in Northern Greece
O Tsachouridou, L Skoura, E Christaki, P Kollaras, E Sidiropoulou, ...
Germs 6 (3), 83, 2016
Clostridium difficile infections in a university hospital in Greece are mainly associated with PCR ribotypes 017 and 126
M Kachrimanidou, O Tsachouridou, IA Ziogas, E Christaki, ...
Journal of medical microbiology 66 (12), 1774-1781, 2017
The kinetics of T regulatory cells in shock: beyond sepsis
E Christaki, E Patrozou
Critical Care 14 (2), 1-2, 2010
Host immune response in sepsis due to ventilator-associated pneumonia: how is it different?
E Christaki
Critical Care 13 (6), 1-2, 2009
Predictors of humoral response to recommended vaccines in HIV-infected adults
O Tsachouridou, E Christaki, L Skoura, A Georgiou, S Nanoudis, ...
Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 54, 27-33, 2017
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