Mohammad Reza Ashrafi-Kooshk
Mohammad Reza Ashrafi-Kooshk
PhD. Candidate of Biochemistry, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics,University of Tehran üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Spectroscopic study of interaction between osthole and human serum albumin: Identification of possible binding site of the compound
N Bijari, Y Shokoohinia, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, S Ranjbar, S Parvaneh, ...
Journal of Luminescence 143, 328-336, 2013
Comparative spectroscopic studies on drug binding characteristics and protein surface hydrophobicity of native and modified forms of bovine serum albumin: possible relevance to …
R Khodarahmi, SA Karimi, MRA Kooshk, SA Ghadami, S Ghobadi, ...
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 89, 177-186, 2012
Studies of the interaction between isoimperatorin and human serum albumin by multispectroscopic method: identification of possible binding site of the compound using esterase …
S Ranjbar, Y Shokoohinia, S Ghobadi, N Bijari, S Gholamzadeh, ...
The Scientific World Journal 2013, 2013
Probing of possible olanzapine binding site on human serum albumin: Combination of spectroscopic methods and molecular dynamics simulation
M Shahlaei, B Rahimi, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, K Sadrjavadi, R Khodarahmi
Journal of Luminescence 158, 91-98, 2015
Spectroscopic study of drug-binding characteristics of unmodified and pNPA-based acetylated human serum albumin: Does esterase activity affect microenvironment of drug binding …
N Moradi, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, S Ghobadi, M Shahlaei, R Khodarahmi
Journal of Luminescence 160, 351-361, 2015
Exploring binding properties of sertraline with human serum albumin: Combination of spectroscopic and molecular modeling studies
M Shahlaei, B Rahimi, A Nowroozi, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, K Sadrjavadi, ...
Chemico-biological interactions 242, 235-246, 2015
Experimental and computational studies on the binding of diazinon to human serum albumin
F Jafari, S Samadi, A Nowroozi, K Sadrjavadi, S Moradi, ...
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 36 (6), 1490-1510, 2018
Comparative spectroscopic studies on curcumin stabilization by association to bovine serum albumin and casein: A perspective on drug-delivery application
MM Nadi, MR Ashrafi Kooshk, K Mansouri, SA Ghadami, M Amani, ...
International journal of food properties 18 (3), 638-659, 2015
Inhibition of guinea pig aldehyde oxidase activity by different flavonoid compounds: an in vitro study
M Siah, MH Farzaei, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, H Adibi, SS Arab, MR Rashidi, ...
Bioorganic chemistry 64, 74-84, 2016
Separate and simultaneous binding of tamoxifen and estradiol to human serum albumin: Spectroscopic and molecular modeling investigations
N Moradi, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, J Chamani, D Shackebaei, F Norouzi
Journal of Molecular Liquids 249, 1083-1096, 2018
Appraisal of role of the polyanionic inducer length on amyloid formation by 412-residue 1N4R Tau protein: a comparative study
A Jangholi, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, SS Arab, G Riazi, F Mokhtari, ...
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 609, 1-19, 2016
Degradation products of the artificial azo dye, Allura red, inhibit esterase activity of carbonic anhydrase II: A basic in vitro study on the food safety of the colorant in …
S Esmaeili, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, K Khaledian, H Adibi, S Rouhani, ...
Food chemistry 213, 494-504, 2016
Kinetic of mushroom tyrosinase inhibition by benzaldehyde derivatives
S Maghsoudi, H Adibi, M Hamzeh, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, M Rezaei-Tavirani, ...
J Rep Pharm Sci 2, 156-164, 2013
Protective effects of accompanying proteins on light-and water-mediated degradation of Curcumin
F Mirzaee, MRA Kooshk, M Rezaei-Tavirani, R Khodarahmi
Archives of Advances in Biosciences 5 (1), 2013
Is there correlation between Aβ-heme peroxidase activity and the peptide aggregation state? A literature review combined with hypothesis
R Khodarahmi, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk
International journal of biological macromolecules 100, 18-36, 2017
Enhancement of intrinsic fluorescence of human carbonic anhydrase II upon topiramate binding: Some evidence for drug-induced molecular contraction of the protein
S Ghobadi, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, H Mahdiuni, R Khodarahmi
International journal of biological macromolecules 108, 240-249, 2018
Comparative studies on drug binding to the purified and pharmaceutical-grade human serum albumins: Bridging between basic research and clinical applications of albumin
MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, F Ebrahimi, S Ranjbar, S Ghobadi, N Moradi, ...
Biologicals 43 (5), 333-343, 2015
Heme-coordinated histidine residues form non-specific functional⿿ ferritin-heme⿿ peroxidase system: Possible and partial mechanistic relevance to oxidative stress-mediated …
S Esmaeili, MRA Kooshk, SM Asghari, R Khodarahmi
International journal of biological macromolecules 91, 368-380, 2016
Captopril/enalapril inhibit promiscuous esterase activity of carbonic anhydrase at micromolar concentrations: An in vitro study
S Esmaeili, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, H Adibi, R Khodarahmi
Chemico-Biological Interactions 265, 24-35, 2017
Can any “non-specific charge modification within microtubule binding domains of Tau” be a prerequisite of the protein amyloid aggregation? An in vitro study on the 1N4R isoform
A Jangholi, MR Ashrafi-Kooshk, SS Arab, S Karima, M Poorebrahim, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 109, 188-204, 2018
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