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Alıntı yapanlar
Gaussian 16, Gaussian
MJ Frisch, GW Trucks, HB Schlegel, GE Scuseria, MA Robb, ...
Inc., Wallingford CT 2016, 2016
MJ Frisch, GW Trucks, HB Schlegel, GE Scuseria, MA Robb, ...
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Advanced Energy Materials 7 (18), 1700012, 2017
Molecular weight effect on the absorption, charge carrier mobility, and photovoltaic performance of an indacenodiselenophene-based ladder-type polymer
JJ Intemann, K Yao, HL Yip, YX Xu, YX Li, PW Liang, FZ Ding, X Li, ...
Chemistry of Materials 25 (15), 3188-3195, 2013
Highly Efficient Inverted Organic Solar Cells Through Material and Interfacial Engineering of Indacenodithieno[3,2‐b]thiophene‐Based Polymers and Devices
JJ Intemann, K Yao, YX Li, HL Yip, YX Xu, PW Liang, CC Chueh, FZ Ding, ...
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First-Principles Calculation of pKa Values for Organic Acids in Nonaqueous Solution
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Solution‐Processible Highly Conducting Fullerenes
CZ Li, CC Chueh, HL Yip, F Ding, X Li, AKY Jen
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Gaussian 16 Revision A. 03. 2016; Gaussian Inc
MJ Frisch, GW Trucks, HB Schlegel, GE Scuseria, MA Robb, ...
Wallingford CT 2 (3), 4, 0
JA, JE Peralta, F
MJ Frisch, GW Trucks, HB Schlegel, GE Scuseria, MA Robb, ...
Ogliaro, MJ Bearpark, JJ Heyd, EN Brothers, KN Kudin, VN Staroverov, TA …, 2016
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Y Li, K Yao, HL Yip, FZ Ding, YX Xu, X Li, Y Chen, AKY Jen
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (23), 3631-3638, 2014
Polymer triplet energy levels need not limit photocurrent collection in organic solar cells
CW Schlenker, KS Chen, HL Yip, CZ Li, LR Bradshaw, ST Ochsenbein, ...
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An efficient method for calculating dynamical hyperpolarizabilities using real-time time-dependent density functional theory
F Ding, BE Van Kuiken, BE Eichinger, X Li
The Journal of chemical physics 138 (6), 064104, 2013
Enhanced Performance of Organic Solar Cells with Increased End Group Dipole Moment in Indacenodithieno [3, 2‐b] thiophene‐Based Molecules
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Imaging covalent bond formation by H atom scattering from graphene
H Jiang, M Kammler, F Ding, Y Dorenkamp, FR Manby, AM Wodtke, ...
Science 364 (6438), 379-382, 2019
Aromatic thiol-mediated cleavage of N–O bonds enables chemical ubiquitylation of folded proteins
CE Weller, A Dhall, F Ding, E Linares, SD Whedon, NA Senger, EL Tyson, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-10, 2016
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