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Praveen Agarwal
Praveen Agarwal
Vice Principal | Chief Coordinator-International Relations, Anand-ICE || Advisor || Founder
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
On analytical solutions of the fractional differential equation with uncertainty: application to the Basset problem
S Salahshour, A Ahmadian, N Senu, D Baleanu, P Agarwal
Entropy 17 (2), 885-902, 2015
Advances in real and complex analysis with applications
M Ruzhansky, YJ Cho, P Agarwal, I Area
Springer Singapore, 2017
New concepts of fractional quantum calculus and applications to impulsive fractional q-difference equations
J Tariboon, SK Ntouyas, P Agarwal
Advances in Difference Equations 2015, 1-19, 2015
Certain Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities via generalized k-fractional integrals
P Agarwal, M Jleli, M Tomar
Journal of inequalities and applications 2017, 1-10, 2017
Advances in mathematical inequalities and applications
P Agarwal, SS Dragomir, M Jleli, B Samet
Springer Singapore, 2018
ConvXGB: A new deep learning model for classification problems based on CNN and XGBoost
S Thongsuwan, S Jaiyen, A Padcharoen, P Agarwal
Nuclear Engineering and Technology 53 (2), 522-531, 2021
Analytic solution for oxygen diffusion from capillary to tissues involving external force effects: a fractional calculus approach
VF Morales-Delgado, JF Gómez-Aguilar, KM Saad, MA Khan, P Agarwal
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 523, 48-65, 2019
Non-standard finite difference and Chebyshev collocation methods for solving fractional diffusion equation
P Agarwal, AA El-Sayed
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications 500, 40-49, 2018
Generating functions for the generalized Gauss hypergeometric functions
HM Srivastava, P Agarwal, S Jain
Applied Mathematics and Computation 247, 348-352, 2014
Certain new integral formulas involving the generalized Bessel functions
SDP J. Choi, P. Agarwal, S. Mathur
Bulletin of the Korean Mathematical Society 51 (4), 995-1003, 2014
Numerical solution of multiterm variable‐order fractional differential equations via shifted Legendre polynomials
AA El‐Sayed, P Agarwal
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 42 (11), 3978-3991, 2019
Swarm Intelligence and its Applications
JY Yudong Zhang,1* Praveen Agarwal,2 Vishal Bhatnagar
The Scientific World Journal 2013, 2013
Special functions and analysis of differential equations
P Agarwal, RP Agarwal, M Ruzhansky
CRC Press, 2020
Some inequalities involving Hadamard‐type k‐fractional integral operators
P Agarwal
Mathematical methods in the applied sciences 40 (11), 3882-3891, 2017
Extended Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative operator and its applications
P Agarwal, J Choi, RB Paris
Journal of Nonlinear Science and Applications (JNSA) 8 (5), 451-466, 2015
New Hermite–Hadamard type integral inequalities for convex functions and their applications
K Mehrez, P Agarwal
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 350, 274-285, 2019
Fractional calculus
P Agarwal, D Baleanu, Y Chen, S Momani, JAT Machado
ICFDA: International Workshop on Advanced Theory and Applications of …, 2019
Certain unified integrals associated with Bessel functions
J Choi, P Agarwal
Boundary value problems 2013, 1-9, 2013
Fractional differential equations for the generalized Mittag-Leffler function
P Agarwal, Q Al-Mdallal, YJ Cho, S Jain
Advances in difference equations 2018, 1-8, 2018
Some results on the extended beta and extended hypergeometric functions
MJ Luo, GV Milovanovic, P Agarwal
Applied Mathematics and Computation 248, 631-651, 2014
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