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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Luminescent materials incorporating pyrazine or quinoxaline moieties
S Achelle, C Baudequin, N Plé
Dyes and Pigments 98 (3), 575-600, 2013
V-shaped 4, 6-bis (arylvinyl) pyrimidine oligomers: synthesis and optical properties
S Achelle, I Nouira, B Pfaffinger, Y Ramondenc, N Ple, J Rodriguez-Lopez
The Journal of organic chemistry 74 (10), 3711-3717, 2009
Synthesis and photophysical investigation of a series of push–pull arylvinyldiazine chromophores
S Achelle, A Barsella, C Baudequin, B Caro, F Robin-le Guen
The Journal of organic chemistry 77 (8), 4087-4096, 2012
Pyrimidine ring as building block for the synthesis of functionalized π-conjugated materials
S Achelle, N Ple
Current Organic Synthesis 9 (2), 163-187, 2012
Synthesis and photophysical studies of a series of quinazoline chromophores
S Achelle, J Rodrı́guez-López, F Robin-le Guen
The Journal of organic chemistry 79 (16), 7564-7571, 2014
4-Arylvinyl-2, 6-di (pyridin-2-yl) pyrimidines: Synthesis and Optical Properties
C Hadad, S Achelle, JC García-Martinez, J Rodríguez-López
The Journal of organic chemistry 76 (10), 3837-3845, 2011
Luminescence behavior of protonated methoxy-substituted diazine derivatives: toward white light emission
S Achelle, J Rodríguez-López, C Katan, F Robin-Le Guen
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (47), 26986-26995, 2016
Incorporation of pyridazine rings in the structure of functionalized π-conjugated materials
S Achelle, N Ple, A Turck
RSC advances 1 (3), 364-388, 2011
‘Cis’ bound states of three localized pulses of the cubic–quintic CGL equation
H Leblond, A Komarov, M Salhi, A Haboucha, F Sanchez
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 8 (3), 319, 2006
Synthesis and characterization of glycoconjugated porphyrin triphenylamine hybrids for targeted two-photon photodynamic therapy
F Hammerer, G Garcia, S Chen, F Poyer, S Achelle, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 79 (3), 1406-1417, 2014
Bis-and tris (arylethynyl) pyrimidine oligomers: synthesis and light-emitting properties
S Achelle, Y Ramondenc, G Dupas, N Plé
Tetrahedron 64 (12), 2783-2791, 2008
Dipolar NLO chromophores bearing diazine rings as π-conjugated linkers
M Klikar, P Le Poul, A Růžička, O Pytela, A Barsella, KD Dorkenoo, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 82 (18), 9435-9451, 2017
Tripodal molecules with triphenylamine core, diazine peripheral groups and extended π-conjugated linkers
D Cvejn, S Achelle, O Pytela, JP Malval, A Spangenberg, N Cabon, ...
Dyes and Pigments 124, 101-109, 2016
Donor–linker–acceptor (D–π–A) diazine chromophores with extended π-conjugated cores: synthesis, photophysical and second order nonlinear optical properties
S Achelle, A Barsella, B Caro, F Robin-le Guen
RSC Advances 5 (49), 39218-39227, 2015
Synthesis, photophysics and nonlinear optical properties of stilbenoid pyrimidine-based dyes bearing methylenepyran donor groups.
S Achelle, JP Malval, S Aloïse, A Barsella, A Spangenberg, L Mager, ...
ChemPhysChem 14 (12), 2725-36, 2013
Carbohydrate-conjugated porphyrin dimers: Synthesis and photobiological evaluation for a potential application in one-photon and two-photon photodynamic therapy
G Garcia, F Hammerer, F Poyer, S Achelle, MP Teulade-Fichou, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 21 (1), 153-165, 2013
Star‐and Banana‐Shaped Oligomers with a Pyrimidine Core: Synthesis and Light‐Emitting Properties
S Achelle, Y Ramondenc, F Marsais, N Plé
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2008 (18), 3129-3140, 2008
Metal cation complexation studies of 4-arylvinyl-2, 6-di (pyridin-2-yl) pyrimidines: effect on the optical properties
C Hadad, S Achelle, I Lopez-Solera, JC Garcia-Martinez, ...
Dyes and Pigments 97 (1), 230-237, 2013
Carbohydrate–Porphyrin Conjugates with Two‐Photon Absorption Properties as Potential Photosensitizing Agents for Photodynamic Therapy
S Achelle, P Couleaud, P Baldeck, MP Teulade‐Fichou, P Maillard
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2011 (7), 1271-1279, 2011
Photophysical properties of acid-responsive triphenylamine derivatives bearing pyridine fragments: Towards white light emission
J Tydlitát, S Achelle, J Rodríguez-López, O Pytela, T Mikýsek, N Cabon, ...
Dyes and Pigments 146, 467-478, 2017
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